Home Entertainment The box office of the 2023 Spring Festival stalls is 6.734 billion yuan. Two Beijing-produced films won the box office champion and runner-up respectively-Qianlong.com.cn

The box office of the 2023 Spring Festival stalls is 6.734 billion yuan. Two Beijing-produced films won the box office champion and runner-up respectively-Qianlong.com.cn

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The box office of the 2023 Spring Festival stalls is 6.734 billion yuan. Two Beijing-produced films won the box office champion and runner-up respectively-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: 2023 Spring Festival box office box office 6.734 billion yuan, two Beijing-produced films won the box office champion and runner-up

A number of high-quality films are working together, and this year’s Spring Festival film market is booming again. According to the data of Beacon Professional Edition, as of 21:30 last night, the total number of viewers in the Spring Festival in 2023 was 129 million, the total number of screenings was 2.6537 million, and the box office was 6.734 billion yuan. files. Among them, the Beijing-produced films “Manjianghong” and “The Wandering Earth 2” ranked the top two in the schedule with cumulative box office of 2.596 billion yuan and 2.155 billion yuan respectively, and “Bear Infested: Stay with me “Bear Core”” took the box office of 747 million yuan. Ranked third.

Rao Shuguang, president of the Chinese Film Critics Society, said that Chinese films, after years of stagnation and even decline, will use the Spring Festival as a new starting point to continue telling more exciting Chinese stories.

“The Wandering Earth 2” stills.

“Manjianghong” stills.

Market recovery is accelerating

6.734 billion box office, 129 million movie viewers… Judging from the crowds of theaters around the Spring Festival this year, after three years of the epidemic, Chinese audiences’ love for movies is still there, and they have not stayed away from theaters.

“From the audience’s point of view, many audiences around me said that their mood and state of watching movies this year are different from those of previous years during the Spring Festival. In previous years, there seemed to be a worry that after watching this movie, they might not dare to come to the theater later, or they didn’t know When will you be able to come to the theater to watch movies again? This year everyone seems to be not particularly worried.” Yu Chao, deputy general manager of Capital Cinema, said that this year’s Spring Festival file has shown a positive and accelerated state of improvement.

IMAX and other high-end theaters continue to set new box office records during the Spring Festival, which shows that the audience’s pursuit of high-quality content and viewing effects is constantly improving. Even more encouraging is that audiences saw pre-screening advertisements for multiple new films. The “shortage” after the Spring Festival stalls scares theater managers the most, but as of now, there have been many domestic and foreign blockbusters with different themes that have been finalized one after another, and they will meet with audiences within this year. This will help restore market confidence and promote Audience consumption demand has a positive effect and is also an important sign of market recovery.

The Spring Festival stalls with the highest overall standard

“This year’s Spring Festival file is the one with the highest average level of movies in recent years.” Filmmaker Guan Yadi said with a smile, “Go to the theater and buy a ticket randomly with your eyes closed, and go to any hall. It’s all good-looking and worth the price. .”

The seven Spring Festival films have formed a situation of “two super and many strong” in terms of box office performance, and have achieved breakthroughs and surpasses from various angles in terms of word of mouth and quality. “The Wandering Earth 2” not only successfully completed the comprehensive surpassing of the first film, but also became another milestone work of the domestic sci-fi blockbuster by virtue of its comprehensive and detailed presentation of the future world and the crisis of the earth and the performance of top-notch domestic film visual effects. “This film has infused Chinese science fiction with the Chinese humanistic spirit and the concept of the unity of nature and man. It is romantic and full of affection. The visual effects, narrative, and characters are well completed. The three-hour film is completed in one go.” Guan Yadi commented.

Film critic Jing Runcheng said that “The Wandering Earth 2” successfully managed a large number of complex story lines, and the filming was quite exciting. The two story lines starring Andy Lau and Sha Yi respectively in the film are very touching. “Director Guo Fan didn’t stand still or fool things because of the success of the first film. He must have put in a lot of effort. Just two details show his intentions: one is that the film uses special effects to restore the late actor Wu Mengda. The second is to restore Li Xuejian’s voice with AI technology. Whether it is warmth, special effects or sci-fi imagination, “The Wandering Earth 2″ has it all, especially in terms of special effects, which can be called the pinnacle level of domestic films.”

“Man Jianghong” let people see that director Zhang Yimou still has such a powerful skill at the age of 72. “Enough suspense, laugh till the end” is the promotional slogan of the film before its release. The continuous laughter and final applause in the theater also prove that this is by no means a wild statement. Guan Yadi said that the film shows the romantic heroism in Chinese history and the national spirit of serving the country with loyalty.

In addition, “No Name” continues the director Cheng Er’s very personal video style, “Deep Sea” has made breakthroughs in promoting Chinese animation traditions and oriental aesthetics, and “Exchanging Life” is full of warmth in expressing love, family affection, and friendship .

Inspired by the creative direction of domestic films

The fierce competition for the Spring Festival stalls is also particularly evident this year.

“The Wandering Earth 2” and “Manjianghong” have reached a “white heat” in the competition for the championship of the Spring Festival. Since the first day of the Lunar New Year, the schedule and box office of the two films have been very tight. “Wandering Earth 2” surpassed “Manjianghong” by a slight advantage on the first day of the schedule, but on the second day, “Manjianghong” was completed. Overtake and maintain the advantage until the end of the schedule. “I really didn’t expect that “Man Jiang Hong” could overtake “The Wandering Earth 2″!” Jing Runcheng believes that the comedy attributes of “Man Jiang Hong” give it a strong advantage in the Spring Festival. Lei Jiayin, Zhang Yi, etc. are all powerful actors with box office appeal, and “The Wandering Earth 2” is nearly three hours long, and the sci-fi genre also has a certain viewing threshold, which has certain disadvantages in comparison.

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Yu Chao believes that it is not very important who has the highest box office of “Man Jianghong” and “The Wandering Earth 2”. It shows a direction for the future development of China‘s heavy film industry. “These two films can represent the future development trend of domestic films, and they can be extreme in genre, or they can reflect the imagination of films.”

In addition, the phenomenon of mutual bad comments among film fans, pirated broadcasts and pirated recordings has also attracted the attention of many parties in the context of fierce competition for the Spring Festival this year. On the third day of the Lunar New Year, seven new films jointly issued a proposal, calling on practitioners and audiences to resist piracy, civilized competition, and maintain industry order and ecology.

Regarding these phenomena, Yu Chao believes, “The problems that have arisen are expected. At least it can tell us in what direction we need to work in the future to make the market more regulated.” Jing Runcheng said that major film studios should improve their films. Continue to make efforts in terms of quality to make the entire film market better, “let the audience buy one more ticket instead of fighting for the only one ticket.”

related news

The Spring Festival cartoon “Deep Sea” pioneered the “Particle Ink” technology

Tian Xiaopeng: Everything is worth it for innovation

Seven years ago, a domestic cartoon “Journey to the West: The Return of the Great Sage” was born, and finally earned a box office of 956 million yuan, which also opened a new era of domestic animation creation. While people were looking forward to the sequel of the film, director Tian Xiaopeng was “silent”. Seven years later, he returned to the audience’s field of vision with his new work “Deep Sea”. The film was released on the first day of the Lunar New Year and earned 300 million yuan at the box office in 5 days. Although this achievement is not impressive, the viewers who have watched the film are full of praise for the gorgeous and romantic pictures rendered by the “particle ink” technology. He was deeply moved by his friendship and protection.

The creative seed of “Deep Sea” has been lurking in Tian Xiaopeng’s heart for a long time. He was born in Beijing. He was a sensitive and intelligent child who liked to read since he was a child. After reading “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” written by the science fiction writer Jules Verne, he was deeply attracted by the deep and boundless underwater world. In the novel, Captain Nemo shouted the phrase “I love the sea, The sea is everything!” deeply moved him. After he completed “Journey to the West: The Return of the Great Sage” and achieved box office success, this seed also ushered in the moment of germination and flowering.

He also likes the starry sky. In the middle of the night, he likes to observe the constellations quietly by himself. Especially in winter, there are three shining stars in the night sky: Sirius, Betelgeuse and Procyon, which form the “winter triangle”. From the point of view, the star Procyon and Betelgeuse have been looking at each other, “like a pair of brothers and sisters who support each other and rely on each other.”

Tian Xiaopeng has been quiet since he was a child, and even lacks self-confidence. This character has been with him since he grew up. He named the little girl in the film “Sansu” and the male protagonist “Nanhe”. This time, he wanted to face and express himself sincerely, “I am the Bisuke in the film. Although she is a little girl, I can empathize with her core and character. I really want to tell stories about this kind of people. , and that’s why I made this film.”

In the film, because of the death of her mother, Sansuke feels more and more neglected by her father after reorganizing the family. She is lonely, vulnerable, helpless, depressed, and self-doubting; but in the sea, she meets Nanhe, an exaggerated, crazy , outgoing, fearless big brother. Tian Xiaopeng’s views on life and human nature are hidden in the underwater adventure story of the two. This is a complete self-disclosure and a complete self-healing.

“Deep Sea” pioneered the “particle ink” technology. Tian Xiaopeng believes that 2D animation is more abstract, subjectivity, uncertainty and imagination, while 3D animation is closer to the real world. He had an idea to create a new form of expression between two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation. In the past 7 years, the creative team had the largest number of 1,478 people. They have gone through countless experiments and simulations, experimenting with water, acrylic, pigments, milk, detergent, etc., and finally achieved the expected effect: two-dimensional The characteristics of Chinese ink painting, but also the realism of three-dimensional animation.

Since engaging in animation creation, Tian Xiaopeng has been hiding a fire in his heart. He hopes to do more explorations and attempts, and constantly step out of new boundaries. “I believe that this kind of exploration is valuable to the whole industry. Although there are great risks and costs, I am willing to be a pioneer.” He said, contributing his own strength to the Chinese animation industry, “for This is all worth it.”

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