Home Entertainment The Box Office of the National Day Box Office is picking up significantly. “Changjin Lake” is a standout film. The fault is obvious. Provided by the Association of Finance

The Box Office of the National Day Box Office is picking up significantly. “Changjin Lake” is a standout film. The fault is obvious. Provided by the Association of Finance

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© Reuters. The box office of the National Day stalls is picking up significantly

According to the Financial Associated Press (Beijing, reporter Chen Chen), according to Maoyan big data, as of 21:00 on October 7, the total box office of the National Day stalls has exceeded 4.369 billion yuan, which is only 4.466 billion yuan from the box office record of the National Day stalls in 2019. a step far. The main melody film “Changjin Lake” has reached a box office of 3.383 billion yuan in the eight days since its release. It has broken a number of records in Chinese film history and became the biggest winner of this year’s National Day file.

However, in addition to the two head films of “Changjin Lake” and “My Motherland” showing the “one super and one strong” pattern, the absence of the waist film caused the obvious gap in this year’s National Day film, which not only led to the National Day file The number of movie viewings, attendance and other data are not as good as in previous years, and it also has an impact on the performance of related film companies this year.

“Changjin Lake” stands out in the industry expected to exceed 5 billion box office

“Changjin Lake” National Day box office sales are no longer news. Many industry figures told reporters from the Financial Association that according to the current box office situation, “Changjin Lake” is likely to achieve a box office of more than 5 billion yuan. Prior to this, “Wolf Warrior 2” ranked first among domestic films with a box office of 5.695 billion yuan, and “Hello, Li Huanying” for the Spring Festival this year became another phenomenal work with a box office of 5.413 billion yuan.

“Changjin Lake”, controlled by the owners of Bona Film, broke through 400 million box office on the day of National Day, maintained a daily box office growth rate of 10 million during the National Day, and successfully broke “Me and My Motherland” before. The box office record of the National Day file was 3.169 billion yuan. In addition, “Changjin Lake” also broke a number of Chinese film history records, such as the highest box office in a single day in the National Day file, the highest box office in a film history war film, the first film in the film history to break 400 million box office for 6 consecutive days, and the box office champion of Chinese film history historical themes. At present, “Changjin Lake” has ranked among the top 10 box office in Chinese film history, and temporarily ranked fourth in the 2021 global box office with a global box office of over US$478 million.

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“Changjin Lake” thrived and even affected the overall data performance of this year’s National Day file. According to statistics, this year’s National Day file has nearly 1.7 million games and 69 million people watched movies, which is less than the 2020 National Day file of 2.03 million games and 73 million people watched movies. In terms of ticket prices, the average ticket price for this year’s National Day stall is around 47 yuan, which is 17.5% higher than the 39 yuan ticket price for the 2020 National Day stall. Many people in the industry said that this is related to the 3-hour film length of “Changjin Lake”. “The length of a “Changjin Lake” is equivalent to watching two movies.”

“My Father and Me” is not as expected

In addition to “Changjin Lake”, another head film “Me and My Fathers” produced by a Chinese film (600977.SH), as a “me and my” series of films, was also expected to be high before it was released. Although not as good as the previous two titles, its current box office has exceeded 1 billion yuan.

The data shows that in 2019, “Me and My Motherland” had a box office of 380 million on the first day, and in 2020, “Me and My Hometown” had a box office of 270 million on the first day, while “Me and My Fathers” received only 180 million box office on the first day of its release. This also caused the follow-up film arrangement of the National Day file to gradually tilt towards “Changjin Lake”. As of press time, the proportion of “Changjin Lake” has reached 52.5%, and the absolute advantage of “Changjin Lake” has also consolidated the box office advantage of “Changjin Lake”.

In addition to “one super, one strong”, the competition for other films is very fierce. According to industry insiders, the two main melody blockbusters accounted for 70 to 80% of the rows of films in the National Day file, resulting in the remaining few films in the row of about 3%. “Pipiru and Luxisi: The Canned Man” is the third largest box office in the National Day file this year, but the current box office is less than 50 million yuan. The domestic youth film “Five Poking Boys” produced by Guangguang Media (300251.SZ) has a box office of only 30-40 million. “One Super, One Strong” contributed 90% of the box office, which fully illustrates the obvious characteristics of this year’s National Day film box office gap.

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Industry insiders pointed out that the National Day files in the past two years have basically been dominated by themes of themes. Starting from the National Day file “Me and My Motherland” in 2019, which hit a box office of 3.169 billion, it seems that the main theme films have been released on the National Day files. A fixed pattern that can reap good box office. And this situation is even worse this year. “In addition to the main theme headline film in the National Day files in previous years, there will also be a number of waist commercial films released at the same time, such as the 2018 “Ghost Blowing Lantern” series of movies, 2019 “Climber”, 2020 “Jiang Ziya” , “Vanguard” etc.”

It is reported that the youth love movie “Ten Years One Product Wen Ruyan” originally planned to be released on the National Day file was announced before the National Day file. The anti-Japanese theme film “Railroad” produced by Huayi Brothers (300027.SZ) “Hero” was also announced at the Beijing Film Festival to change its file and be released on November 19. An industry insider told a reporter from the Financial Association, “Competing with “Changjin Lake” and “My Fathers” at the same time is facing too much box office risk. Therefore, some filmmakers choose to withdraw and choose another date to release, also in order to reduce the risk. But this also led to the obvious situation of the “fault” in the National Day file this year.”

But judging from the National Day box office, this avoidance is obviously wise. Many film critics said that it is a pity that the National Day file is “Five Boys Who Fell in the Water”, with a Douban score of 7.3. With a fair reputation, the current box office has only exceeded 35 million yuan. The director of the film was to promote the film, and he was rejected nine times on the live broadcast platform, and he was also listed on the hot search. The “Matthew effect” of large schedules is obvious, reminding the industry that popular schedules may not be good schedules, and movies that can be connected with schedule emotions may be more dominant.

The animation market is stable after the National Day file, the film market trend is worthy of attention

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“The theme of the theme gathers together in the National Day files, and the theme of light comedy gathers in the Spring Festival files.” Some insiders said that this fixed mode of film content is determined by the objective market situation, but it will also cause the audience’s aesthetic fatigue to a certain extent and reduce the viewing of the movie. enthusiasm.

In addition, it is worth noting that the animation market is stable. Several children’s animation films released on the National Day file “The Dragon with Big Ears Tutu in Action”, “Pipiru and Luxisi: The Canned Man”, “Save the Donuts: Time and Space Rescue”, etc., currently account for the overall filming ratio About 12%, the overall box office is 30-40 million, and the proportion of platoons is better than in previous years. Many theater staff told reporters that during the National Day period, the overall attendance of animated films was acceptable.

“Currently there are only four quarters left. In the previous summer and Mid-Autumn Festival, the National Day file was placed high expectations and became the key point for the film market in the second half of the year.” Industry analysts report to Cailian News Agency. Said that, as we all know, the three golden files of the Spring Festival, the summer vacation and the National Day are the key periods for most domestic film and television companies to impact their annual performance. According to the research report of China Sea Securities, the box office (excluding service fees) of cinemas nationwide in the first half of 2021 was 25 billion yuan. In the first half of 2020, due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, theaters across the country were once closed. Compared with the same period in 2019, the national box office declined slightly in the first half of this year. In order to impact performance in the second half of the year, many producers in the National Day stall this year have joined forces to enter the market, and the current box office performance has formed certain expectations for the performance of each producer this year.

It is reported that after the National Day files, in October there will be “Lanxin Theater” directed by Lou Ye and starring Gong Li, “Turandot: The Origin of the Curse” directed by Zheng Xiaolong, “First Incense” directed by Xu Anhua, starring Huang Xuan “Wuhai”, and the introduction of blockbuster films “Dune” and “007: No Time to Die”.

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