Home Entertainment The branch of Intesa Sanpaolo changes to Corso Giolitti in Cuneo. And the closure of the former Ubi branch in piazza Europa is postponed to 2022

The branch of Intesa Sanpaolo changes to Corso Giolitti in Cuneo. And the closure of the former Ubi branch in piazza Europa is postponed to 2022

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Two weeks ago, large construction sites began in the Intesa Sanpaolo branch in Corso Giolitti 1 in Cuneo, which will be completely transformed in the coming months. Meanwhile, the closure of the former Ubi branch on the other side of Piazza Europa, announced for mid-December, postponed to 2022. The banking group, after the acquisition of the Ubi group, found itself with two large branches not far away. The Giolitti work in progress will revolutionize three floors for over 1100 square meters of surface, welcoming customers and employees of the two offices. For now the services, compatibly with the construction sites, are still in the two buildings. Until next year. «The restyling represents a significant investment to create the new branch model also in Cuneo: the bank of the future, which is open, inclusive, innovative – explains Andrea Perusin, regional director of Piedmont South and Liguria of the banking group -. Similar work has already been done in Alba and we will intervene on other branches in the province: these are the stable places for relationships and contact with customers. In the bank, important moments pass for each of us, such as buying a house, but it is also the place where digital and financial culture takes place. The digital challenge, also foreseen in the European funds of the NRP, affects us all, and the customer-bank relationship is also changing. The branch now serves not for the single service, which you can have at any time in a smart way, but for dreams, needs, health, life ». The old twentieth century model changes and the new bank will have wifi connection and minimal furnishings, with wooden floors and walls in light and “light” colors. On the ground floor there will be the reception area, then the self section, with four ATMs open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, for all operations: payments of cash and checks, wire transfers, payments, deposits, all cardless operations. and contactless. A large central table in raw wood is foreseen, in an area that can also be used for events and presentations when the pandemic is definitively archived. Then living areas for customers on the first floor (lounges for appointments and consultancy) and again the checkout area (two automatic and two with staff), the coworking of employees, while the third floor will continue to host the part dedicated to businesses and companies . Intesa Sanpaolo has 129 branches and branches for 220 thousand customers in the province (of which 160 thousand who already adopt the digital mode). Perusin again: «The banking system, for years and also in Italy, has reduced its presence on the territory because customers choose to carry out transactions online, on the various digital channels. But also on the phone, where on the other side there is a colleague of Intesa for all the customer’s needs. But the branch remains the cornerstone of contact with the public, it exists and resists, it evolves. Now the territory is well guarded with a network of branches that reaches the whole province. We talk about the new concept model: the branch remains essential, even if in a different way from the past ». Intesa Sanpaolo is watching closely the strong economic growth. Perusin adds: «We are in a particular moment: not only the rebound after the pandemic, but the return to private and public investments, with all positive confidence indices and a strong recovery in exports, for example in the agri-food districts. We are aware and proud of being the bank of reference in the area, we want to be protagonists in this phase of growth led by small and medium-sized enterprises, which in the Cuneo area know how to be surprising: the engine of the real economy is back on track ».

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