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“The Case of Di Gong in the Tang Dynasty” – A Bridge Between East and West

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“The Case of Di Gong in the Tang Dynasty” – A Bridge Between East and West

“The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” Makes a Global Splash

“The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty”, a novel written by a Dutch diplomat and sinologist in the 1950s, has made waves in Europe and the United States, causing a sensation that led to its translation into over ten languages. This clever combination of Western detective novel writing and traditional Chinese stories has attracted global readers and played a crucial role in helping Westerners to understand China.

The novel has now been adapted into a domestic TV series of the same name, currently being broadcast on the China Central Radio and Television Station’s CCTV TV Drama Channel and Youku. The international version of Youku’s APP has also been launched simultaneously, providing 10 subtitle versions in English, Portuguese, and Thai.

The release of the TV series trailer has sparked overseas interest, with the Dutch News Agency reporting that China’s Tang Dynasty “Magic Detective” may set off a new wave of oriental cultural craze globally. Many overseas netizens have expressed their excitement for the translated versions of the series in their countries and hope for its availability soon.

Thomas Van Gulick, son of the author, expressed his enthusiasm for the series to be broadcast in the Netherlands, hoping to expose young people to the beauty of the Tang Dynasty culture. Similarly, Xiong Yingli, Cultural Counselor of the Dutch Embassy in China, highlighted the impact of the novel in promoting Chinese culture worldwide.

The TV series took 8 years to create, presenting 9 cases in the form of a unit drama and utilizing AI technology to generate virtual scenes that represent ancient landscapes and cityscapes. Youku’s Chief Operating Officer, Wu Qian, emphasized the importance of the series in bridging cultural exchanges between China and the Netherlands and announced the donation of TV broadcast rights and the creation of a Dutch version for local audiences. Additionally, Netflix has purchased the broadcast rights for the series, making it available in over 190 countries and regions around the world.

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The “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” has truly become a global phenomenon, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of China and bringing Eastern and Western narratives together in a compelling and engaging manner.

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