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The Catholic Culture Podcast: 87 – The Jester Is Not The King

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The Catholic Culture Podcast: 87 – The Jester Is Not The King

Oct 6, 2020

Watch on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ve9oqQpCrI

Jeremy McLellan is a Catholic stand-up comedian who, strangely,
is huge is Pakistan. He joins the show to discuss the woke takeover
of comedy, the nihilistic dogmas of many comedians, the
relationship between comedy and suffering, and the ethics of the
word “retarded”. Thomas describes his past experience doing open
mics and Jeremy gives him some pointers.


[1:07] “Do CHILDREN Belong in Church?”

[3:24] The woke takeover of comedy; contrarianism and nihilism;
comedy and truth

[11:18] The dogma of comedians: anything goes to get a laugh

[17:35] Jeremy and Thomas compare notes on open mics

[24:08] The comic must draw the audience into his world

[27:26] Jeremy’s conversion to Catholicism and relationship with
his large Muslim audience

[36:03] The best joke Jeremy has ever heard

[40:17] The ethics of the word ‘retarded’

[48:13] Comedy and trauma; processing pain through humor

[51:42] The dangers of identifying with our sins and


Jeremy McLellan’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/underthefigtree

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