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The Chinese Film Directors Association Green Night and the 7th Green Green Project Launching Ceremony was successfully held at the Pingyao Film Festival-Mtime

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Time NewsYouth power is ready to take off. The 7th Green Onion Program has begun a new journey, the official registration channel has been opened, and more young filmmakers and their works will soon have a full range of “intimacy” with the industry and the public through the platform of the Green Onion Program. “Contact”, youth power is forming a kind of potential in the film industry, helping to promote the advancement of Chinese films.

On October 16, the Chinese Film Directors Association Green Night, and the launching ceremony of the 7th Green Green Project, was held as scheduled at the Pingyao International Film Festival. Many well-known directors, screenwriters, producers, and industry professionals who are active in various positions on the front line of the film gathered in Pingyao to witness the achievements of the Green Onion Project in the past six years. This is also the first cooperation with Pingyao International Film Festival since the establishment of the Green Onion Project, and it will also bring more possibilities for the support of young directors.

Li Shaohong, President of the China Film Directors Association and initiator of the Green Onion Project, Huang Jianxin, a famous director, producer, and producer, and Jia Zhangke, Vice President of the China Film Directors Association, founder of the Pingyao International Film Festival and Chairman of the 2nd Green Onion Program, and the 4th Green Onion Project chairman and famous director Xie Fei, vice chairman of the China Film Directors Association, chairman of the Green Onion Project, Wang Hongwei, vice chairman of the Chinese Film Directors Association, and the first mentor of the first green onion project Zhang Yang, previous review and mentor cooperation guest representatives Zheng Dasheng, Dong Runnian, and Li Ruijun , Wang Qingqiang, Mei Xuefeng, Gu Zheng, Wu Jueren, Wu Nan, Ying Luojia, Liu Xiaozhao, Huang Shi, Huang Xufeng and others also attended the event.

The 6th Green Onion Project Investor, Beijing Seven Impression Culture Media Co., Ltd. Chairman, producer, producer, and famous actor Liang Jing, Gongfu Pictures founding partner and famous producer Tao Kun, and Ruyi Pictures, The guest representatives of Aimei Television took the time to attend. In addition, Ms. Xia Yan, the chief strategic partner of the 6th Green Onion Program, vice president of Lilicheng Media, and Mr. He Jiakui, deputy general manager of COFCO Great Wall Winery Winery Management Center, the representative of the sponsor of this event, also visited on site.

There are also more than a dozen representatives of the previous Youth Programs, including young directors Huang Huang, Bai Xue, Shen Yu, Liang Ming, Ye Qian, De Ge Cairang, Wang Qiang, Na Jiazuo, Gao Linyang, Wang Meng, Liu Siyi, Long Lingyun, Geng Zihan, etc. At the scene, gather together in Pingyao to speak out for the prosperity of green onion. Thanks to the official designated wine-COFCO Great Wall Wines for their strong support to this event.

Green Night

Pingyao International Film Festival

At the beginning of the event, Director Li Shaohong, the patriarch of the green onion, and Director Jia Zhangke, the founder of the Pingyao International Film Festival, appeared on the same stage. Director Li Shaohong said that although it is the first cooperation with the Pingyao International Film Festival, the two are actually in the same line. To discover and help some new directors. It also shows from the side that although the Qing Cong Project and Pingyao International Film Festival are cooperating for the first time, they have been in a relationship for a long time.

The 2nd Pingyao International Film Festival’s “Over the Spring” directed by Bai Xue won the Best Picture and Best Actress of Fei Mu at the 2nd Pingyao International Film Festival; Ye Qian’s “Sweet Potatoes and Rice” was also shortlisted for the 3rd Pingyao The “Hidden Dragon” unit of the International Film Festival. “Under the Sun” directed by Liang Ming at the 3rd Pingyao International Film Festival has won the honor of Fei Mu, the best director, and the honor of Rossellini, the judging honor.

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Director Jia Zhangke also, out of his dual identities, solemnly thanked the “Green Onion Project” for his trust in hosting such a grand event in the Pingyao Film Palace. If the Green Onion Project organized by the China Film Directors Association is a base and cradle for cultivating young directors, then the Pingyao International Film Festival is a stage for testing these young directors and their works, and a window to help them go to the world-Green Onion Project and Pingyao International Between the film exhibitions, a link has been formed for young Chinese filmmakers to go to the world from generation to generation.

Director Li Shaohong also emphasized that this event is very meaningful to be held in Pingyao. Almost all the students of the Green Onion Program from the first to the sixth can come. The green onion family gathered in Pingyao. Director Li Shaohong also revealed that all the winning projects selected for the 6th Shallot Program this year have been signed, which is the fastest in history to be combined with the capital, indicating that the upgraded version of Shallot Program 2.0 is very effective and the quality of the project and the market are very high. , “Green Onion” is strong and powerful enough to survive the winter.

Witness to the thriving “green onion”

From planting the “green onion seedlings” six years ago to today, “green onion” has grown vigorously. Whether it is the number of the first five green onion projects or the signing of all the top 5 works in the sixth after the upgrade to 2.0, it shows that green onion The effectiveness of the plan in supporting young directors. All these achievements are inseparable from the dedication and hard work of many industry predecessors, as well as the more than 100 mentors who have given “green onion” support in the past. This time, the mentor representative also witnessed the achievements of Sing Chong at the Pingyao International Film Festival and made important speeches.

Zhang Yang, the instructor of the first Green Onion Project Director Training Camp, said frankly that the implementation rate of Green Onion Project works is very high. This depends on the communication, counseling, and communication between the instructor and the students, and the selfless dedication of the film predecessors. The Green Green Project has formed such a good atmosphere, like a big family, from the predecessors to the young people, with this kind of inheritance, the Green Green Project will get better and better.

In the second mentor review, Dong Runnian, the mentor of the sixth script workshop, said that while teaching the students, he also grows with them. He was deeply touched by the young students’ thoughts and forge ahead spirit. He expects that the “Green Onion Project” will continue and more and more new talents will be cultivated.

Zheng Dasheng, the instructor of the 3rd and 6th Directors Training Camp, said with emotion that we must always maintain the spirit of learning when making movies, and hope that this lush “greenhouse” will always maintain the freshest vitality of Chinese movies and always maintain the most verdant ambitions.

Director Xie Fei, the chairman of the 4th Green Onion Project and the instructor of the director training camp, also made a speech. As a teacher, many students of Mr. Xie Fei took their first works here, and he was very proud of this. The Green Onion Project is a very good way of education and a good way to discover new talents.

Film critic Mei Xuefeng hopes that every creator can strengthen his beliefs, not just to make movies for the audience, not just to make movies for some critics, or even to make movies for themselves, but I made a movie for myself to look like an ideal movie in my mind from the beginning.

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Gu Xiaobai, the first and sixth mentor, believes that young filmmakers need to be more free, more loyal to themselves, and more courageous. Together, we can create a better future for Chinese films.

The transcripts of Shallots and the announcement of the 6th Top 5 Shallots

In the past six years, more and more young audiences have entered the theater, and more and more young filmmakers have stood in front of the stage, among which groups of young filmmakers supported by the Green Onion Project have “rooted, sprouted, and grown.” , Their works have been on the big screen one after another, and the Green Onion Project has also become a bridge for young filmmakers to quickly enter the industry and understand the industry.

During the event, Wang Hongwei showed everyone the dazzling transcript of the 6th session-the shooting is completed, including the ones that have been released, and more than 20 films have been completed so far. The% signing rate has also become a milestone in the six years of the Green Onion Program. As Wang Hongwei said, the “Green Onion Project” is almost all China’s support plan, including the one with the highest success rate in venture capital activities.

And the sixth green onion top five projects that created this milestone were also announced that night, namely: Guo Rongfei’s “Red Sister”, Liu Ziyang’s “Problem”, Tian Yu’s “Pig Kill”, Zhang Xuyu’s “Fish Bone”, and Zhu Yingxin’s “White Elephant”.

At the scene, Li Shaohong, Wang Hongwei, Jia Zhangke, and Ms. Xia Yan, vice president of Lilicheng Media, presented the winning trainees with certificates and gave each trainee a bundle of strong and flavorful green onions. Among them, Guo Rongfei failed to come to the scene because he was studying and creating abroad. Director Li Shaohong received the certificate and green onions on his behalf. Because he could not be there, he specially sent a VCR to express his gratitude to the green onion project.

Thanks again to Lilicheng Media, as the chief strategic partner of the 6th Green Onion Plan, for its strong support of this year’s Green Onion Plan.

Responsibilities and responsibilities of “big onion farmers”

“After entering Green Onion 2.0, under the guidance of the concept of deep cultivation and intensive cultivation, more Green Onion students have greatly improved in the process of learning and self-improvement. Combined with the suggestions of the instructors, the polishing of the work also pays more attention to the integration of the market. In less than two months, the signing of the investment contracts for all projects was completed. This is a great improvement and surprise compared to previous sessions. Special thanks to all the investors who signed with the top five directors, “Green Onion Project.” Chief producer Hou Xiaodong shared.

Several representatives of the management as “big onion farmers” also made speeches separately. Liang Jing, the chairman, producer, producer, and famous actor of Beijing Seven Impressions Culture Media Co., Ltd., has invested in three projects for outstanding students of the Green Onion Program. In the sixth round of supporting the Green Onion Project, two projects have been signed: Tian Yu’s “Pig Kill” and Liu Ziyang’s “Making Trouble”. The love of movies flows in her blood, which makes her especially willing to give all the resources around her to these young people who love movies.

Chen Guo, the producer of Aimei Film and Television, said that Aimei Film and Television also has a deep love for movies, so whether it is a work that focuses on commercial or more personal artistic expression, he is willing to do more experiments and accumulation. I look forward to this time that the cooperation between Aimei and Zhang Xuyu’s project “Fishbone” can contribute another good work to the Chinese film market.

You Guohao, director of the Youth Director Affairs Group of Confucian Films, said that this year is the fifth year that Confucian Films and the “Green Onion Project” have met. The intensive cultivation and down-rooting advocated by Confucian Films 2.0 have been consistent with Confucian Films. The attitude towards the film project is consistent, and I hope this cooperation with Zhu Yingxin’s project “White Elephant” can touch more sparks and bring more new forces to Chinese films together.

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Gongfu Pictures signed Guo Rongfei’s project “Red Sister”. Tao Kun, the founding partner and famous producer of Gongfu Pictures, said bluntly that cooperating with young directors is destined to be a entangled and difficult process. But this is also a kind of entrustment, a responsibility. Enjoy the journey, invest resources, and meet people with goods.

Director Guan Hu, who is the chairman of the 6th Green Onion Project, sent a specially recorded VCR from the shooting scene. Director Guan Hu reminded the top five of Green Onion, it is not the time to use PPT to explain, and will soon enter the practical stage. Excitement is certain, but we must maintain the original intention and characteristics of Green Onion, full of respect for the industry, and full of respect for the film. . Director Guan Hu said that the movie shouldn’t be a thing made by hitting and picking up a machine. It should be a homework done with a lifetime of cultivation and long-term system training. At the end of the VCR, Director Guan Hu wished everyone to make the finished product as soon as possible.

The 7th Shallot Program was officially launched

The seventh green onion plan was also officially announced on the night of green onion. Director Huang Jianxin will be the chairman of the new green onion plan.

Director Huang Jianxin made a special trip to attend the activities of the Green Onion Project, only because “the Directors Guild has a rule, the training of new directors is an absolute responsibility and cannot be evasive”. And the reason why he took over the baton of the seventh chairman of the Green Onion Project was also amazed at the reality of the “Green Onion Project”. Director Huang Jianxin participated in many domestic venture capital projects, and only Green Onion has silently promoted more than 20 works. Shoot on the ground. He said that if he took this stick, he would try to plant the onions well. Director Huang Jianxin also borrowed the words of the Spaceman, instructing young directors to endure the pain of loneliness, and to endure loneliness can be achieved. And the director is such a professional, it is to go this way.

Subsequently, Mr. Wang Hongwei, as the chairman of the Green Green Project, simply announced the participation process of the 7th Green Green Project and his expectations for the 7th Green Green Project. The registration time for the 7th Shallot Program starts on October 17 and ends on November 30, a total of 45 days. The 7th Shallot Program will continue to uphold intensive cultivation and focus on improving quality without seeking quantity. It is hoped that next year Shallot Program will end the training activities earlier, meet in the industry earlier, and make these projects available earlier. Surfaced, put into the next step of production.

Although the film market is full of various changes every year, the Green Onion Project has spared no effort to support young directors. I also hope that young directors will not give up lightly no matter what kind of confusion they encounter, remember that regardless of the past. No matter how difficult the road is, a group of filmmakers who are both teachers and friends want to help young directors to go better and more stable, so that the Green Onion Project and the youth power can go hand in hand, so that the Chinese film and the youth power can achieve each other and grow together. .


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