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The classic TV series “The Right Way in the World Is Vicissitudes” on the drama stage Zhang Tong “thrilling” completes its first show-International Online

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The classic TV series “The Right Way in the World Is Vicissitudes” moved to the drama stage Zhang Tong “Thrilling” to complete its debut

Based on the TV series of the same name, the drama “The Right Way in the World Is Vicissitudes” will be staged at the Poly Theater from July 28 to August 1. The actor Zhang Tong, who played Li Dazhao in the hit TV series “The Awakening Age”, plays Yang Liqing in the play.

 TV series fans

Take the drama version without hesitation

The drama “The Righteous Path in the World Is Vicissitudes” uses real historical events as the story background and time node, starting from the change of the fortunes of Yang Qu’s two families, four hours condensed from the Beiyang government, the establishment of the Huangpu Military Academy, the National Revolution, to the War of Resistance against Japan and the War of Liberation. Until the liberation of Shanghai in 1949 and the establishment of New China, the history of the Chinese revolution, which has been changing for more than 20 years, has shown a panoramic view and a large span of nearly a quarter of a century. People from all walks of life in China have explored and saved the country in the magnificent historical torrent. The journey of saving the people. While major historical events are unfolding one by one, the complex emotions and life choices between the two families are intertwined, conveying the inseparable and close relationship between the destiny of individuals and families and the destiny of the country. Among them, the Yang family gathered all kinds of archetypes in the period of China‘s new democratic revolution, and they are typical representatives of various political forces in China in the great era. Yang Liqing, played by Zhang Tong, has a brave and upright character, has the talent and spirit of a soldier, and has his own pursuit and persistence in revolutionary beliefs and the road of life.

Compared with the many worries when he received the invitation to play Li Dazhao in “Awakening Age”, Zhang Tong did not hesitate when he took over Yang Liqing: “I liked this TV series very much back then, and I was very impressed. This year, I am arranging a drama in Shanghai. Upon receiving the invitation from Teacher Zhang Zhijian, I immediately agreed. I am a fan of this work, and I am especially looking forward to working with and studying with Teacher Zhang Zhijian and Brother Niu Piao.” In Zhang Tong’s view, Yang Liqing is relatively easy. Understand, it’s easier to grasp as an actor. The main difficulty lies in not being able to shape the character in the way that the TV series narrates, but in four hours to outline the growth and changes of the character for more than 20 years, so whether it is in the plot In terms of character, a certain degree of trade-offs must be made to make the characters more vivid and vivid.

Sun Honglei successfully played the role of Yang Liqing in the TV series “The Right Way in the World Is Vicissitudes”. With Zhuyu in front, Zhang Tong said: “I dare not compare with Teacher Honglei. He is my predecessor, and he acted so well. The text and the carrier of drama and TV drama are different, and they should not be compared. So in this regard My pressure is quite small, and I can focus all my energy on the character creation.”

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 On stage without rehearsal

Don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn from good actors

Having starred in film and television dramas for many years, Zhang Tong is the first time to perform a drama on stage this year, and it is out of control. In May, he just played Huang Kegong in the drama “Lei Jingtian”; in June, he received an invitation for “The Right Path in the World Is Vicissitudes”; next, he also intends to join the National Theatre’s National Day gift drama “The Eve of the Founding of the People’s Republic”. . He said that the dream of acting in a drama has been for many years, and he did not expect to have so many opportunities this year. “I think rehearsing a drama is a process of returning to the stove and learning again, because the stage of the drama emphasizes the skills of actors.”

Speaking of the experience of this rehearsal of “The Righteous Way in the World Is Vicissitudes”, Zhang Tong described it as “thrilling”.

“From May 21st to 23rd, I just finished five consecutive performances of “Lei Jingtian” in Shanghai. On June 1st, I rushed to Nanjing to arrange “The Right Path in the World Is Vicissitudes”, but on June 2nd I received “Great Journey” was invited to a theatrical performance, so I rushed to Beijing on June 5th, and closed rehearsals for the entire June until the end of the performance on June 28. It can be said that I did not participate in the rehearsal of the crew at all. July 1st When I rushed to Shanghai, a few teachers found time to help me get familiar with the lines and schedules. I watched a few performances on the side curtains and under the stage, trying to remember the various stage schedules, and then on July 6th. It’s on stage.”

Recalling the state of the performance, Zhang Tong still sighs with emotion: “To be honest, I was very lucky to be able to gritted my teeth without making any mistakes. At that time, all the teachers were ready and they discussed it before going on stage. What’s wrong on the stage, such as the wrong line or the wrong schedule, how did they help Yuan. Before going on stage, the teachers held my hand to cheer me up and told me how to relax. I can feel what these predecessors treat me. Take care. After the performance, I realized that my mouth was full of bubbles, because I had never done this before. It was really anxious. It was a thrilling process.”

Zhang Tong said frankly: “When I received the task of performing on July 1st, I thought about quitting the crew of “The Right Path in the World Is Vicissitudes”. Because I didn’t have time to rehearse, I was worried that if I made a mistake on the stage, I would inflict other teachers on other teachers. The meticulously prepared drama for so long was disturbed, but at the same time, I really didn’t want to miss the opportunity to learn from so many good actors. Therefore, I was under a lot of pressure during that time. Teacher Zhang Zhijian supported me, and he said Zhang Tong is worth it. Trusted, as long as I go back to the crew and everyone accompanies me to practice more, I should be able to complete the performance. It was with the trust and encouragement and help of these teachers that I completed the last two performances of this Shanghai station. .”

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 Feel the double shock

More calm and confident about Beijing Station performances

During the performance at Shanghai Station, Zhang Tong felt “very shocking” both on and off the stage. He gave an example: “For example, there is a scene in the living room of the Yang family, where the brothers Liren and Liqing fought. At this time, Fan Xiliang came, and he was brooding about the murder of Qu En at that time. Although there were a lot of grievances between each other, But at this time, everyone felt that they had to be unanimous and resist the Japanese invaders. They took a glass of wine and swearing together, “Brothers help each other and protect against their insults.” At the end, the Yang family fell apart and Liqing took the children. I went to see my father. My father said, no matter how far you go, your roots are here. Dong Jianchang also said that you will never leave your roots. Every time I hear these lines, I feel particularly moved. Zhang Tong burst into tears and was very engaged, “I can experience a very strong sense of tragedy, or a sense of mission and destiny. There are many complex emotions in it. Director Hu Zongqi’s stage management is the kind of restraint. The undercurrents are raging, and the audiences watch the scenes one after another. Many audiences feel that the four-hour scene after watching it is not very long, it has a sense of history, and is very heavy.”

Faced with the upcoming performance in Beijing, Zhang Tong calmly felt a lot more confident, “After all, he already has the experience of playing on the stage, not like the state where his eyes were darkened.” Zhang Tong has accumulated many years of experience in performance. His acting skills are also obvious to all, which laid a solid foundation for him to complete the stage role. “I may not have much stage experience, but I have many years of experience in film and television dramas. I can remember lines quickly and have strong adaptability. These years of accumulated experience helped me at critical moments.” Zhang Tong entered the industry in his 20s and followed Li Youbin. “Bright Sword” has developed a professional habit of having to think of one’s own drama first, even the logical stress of the lines has to be worked out, even if it is a film and television drama, it is recorded at the same time, and I never dare not recite it. Words or “acting in water”. It is his years of professionalism and the hard work of many film and television boutiques that allowed him to successfully complete this “almost impossible task.” (Reporter Wang Run)

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 Further reading

Go through the vicissitudes of life

Comprehend the right way in the world

He was admitted to the Department of Computer Science of Nankai University with excellent results, but chose to study alone at the Lyon Academy of Drama in France; he was an extra actor at the entrance of Beijing Film Factory and the first post-80s generation to win the Feitian Award for Best Actor; I have fallen into the low point of my life with my doubts, confusion, depression, and countless times to examine my inner heart and regain a firm direction… Zhang Tong described his previous life path as a mistake, “There is no particularly clear plan and plan, it is more like because of a certain This impulse opened its head, and then stumbled all the way to this step. There is a lot of luck in it, and it also has its own true attachment.”

Maintaining a humble and clear understanding of the success of his acting career gave Zhang Tong a deeper understanding of “the right path in the world is the vicissitudes of life”: “This sentence was originally a sentence in Mao Zedong’s poems, and it is for the personal life path. , What is the right way, I think everyone’s definition may be different. The right way I understand is when I finally recognize what I want to do, and find the one that suits me the most, what I want the most, and what I think is the most personal. Valuable things. This may not be clearly recognized from the beginning, nor can it be achieved overnight. It may be gradually realized clearly through trial and error and exploration in confusion. So in other words , Maybe the vicissitudes are the right way, and the right way also means the vicissitudes.”

After some vicissitudes of life, Zhang Tong does not think he has fully understood what he wants, but he has already clarified what he does not want, and knows his life direction: “I don’t want to be trapped by fame and fortune, and I don’t want to I personally have no meaning in things physically and mentally. What I am interested in is thinking from the heart and improving myself so that I can get positive growth.”

For role selection, he hopes to be able to experiment and develop more diversified. “I don’t reject any role, whether it’s a short story in a parent, a suspenseful thriller, a science fiction, or a web drama, but the prerequisite is that the role is worth acting. Now all those who are looking for me are more positive roles. In fact, from my personal point of view As long as this character makes me creative, I’m willing to try.” (Reporter Wang Run)


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