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The color drama “New Liu Sanjie”: always full of fresh and rich life atmosphere jqknews

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The color drama “New Liu Sanjie”: always full of fresh and rich life atmosphere jqknews

Photo courtesy of Guangxi Drama Theater

In August this year, produced by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Cultural and Tourism Department of the autonomous region, the color drama “New Liu Sanjie” created and rehearsed by the Guangxi Drama Theatre took a brand-new look to the 13th China Art Festival, and was the first Department of the show works.

Born in 1958, the color-tuned drama “Liu Sanjie” tells the story of a Zhuang song fairy who fought tenaciously with folk songs in order to maintain freedom and dignity, and has become a classic work on the Chinese art stage. After 60 years of vicissitudes, the color-tuned drama “Liu Sanjie” has entered Zhongnanhai five times and Huairentang four times, and it has become popular all over the country.

In 2018, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, following the instructions of the Central Propaganda Department “Creating a New Liu Sanjie in a New Era”, under the guidance of the Literature and Art Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department and the Art Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Guangxi literature and art workers combined to Thinking and comprehension of the development of the magnificent Guangxi in the new era, the new Liu Sanjie in the new era is created in the form of Guangxi local color drama. The color drama “New Liu Sanjie” created and rehearsed by the Guangxi Theater came into being.

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Since its premiere in September 2019, the color tune drama “New Liu Sanjie” has performed 81 times and has been fully affirmed by industry insiders and the general audience. Ban Huaqin, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, told reporters: “For this Wenhua Award competition, we have been sharpening our swords for three years. ” has undergone 5 major revisions.”

“Good dramas are reformed.” For a long time, Long Qian, president of Guangxi Drama Academy, has always adhered to the concept that good dramas should be played and polished at the same time. According to Long Qian, since the premiere of the play in September 2019, the Guangxi Drama Theater has organized five major revisions and more than 30 upgrades to the play through several expert demonstration meetings and a large number of audience opinions.

This year, on the basis of the good presentation of the Caidiao drama “New Liu Sanjie”, Guangxi Drama Theater continued to polish the drama, and organized the force to make appropriate revisions to the drama’s plot, music, performance, costumes, stage beauty, etc. Strive for excellence in artistic quality. Participating in the final evaluation of the 17th Wenhua Awards this time is already the fifth version of the play.

“It can be said that the Caidiao drama “New Liu Sanjie”, which was presented at the China Arts Festival this time, is a new era that has gathered the efforts of countless artists from Guangxi and all over the country, countless enthusiastic audience suggestions and the Guangxi Drama Theater’s more than ten years of creative performance experience. A masterpiece of stage art in Guangxi.” Long Qian said.

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Caidiao opera is a unique drama in Guangxi. It is a joyful drama that can express life heartily and vividly. A folk song, a dance, a handkerchief, and a flower fan can write the happiness of the common people all over their cheeks. Full of affectionate tribute to the classics, the main creative team created “New Liu Sanjie” in the traditional form of color drama. “We want to inherit the essence of color tune dramas, but we can’t play them in the same way.” said Gong Xiaodong, the chief director of the play, “During the creative process, the contradiction between the old and the new, the innovation and the conservative, the advanced and the backward is a contradiction. Timeless. The new era has new audiences and new aesthetics, and we need to find the best way to blend between stylized and life-like.”

How to make stylized performances come to life is a proposition put forward by the new era for Caidiao opera. “Speak people’s words, do people’s affairs.” Gong Xiaodong often emphasizes when guiding actors in rehearsal that they must see with their eyes, listen with their ears, and observe with their whole heart, in order to present the characters’ personalities.

While finding the most suitable way to present today’s color dramas, we must constantly refine new programs in our life. In “New Liu Sanjie”, the audience can find handkerchief flowers, bucket hats and bamboo poles that are common in traditional color dramas, but “New Liu Sanjie” has given these props new meanings. This is a kind of exploration and pursuit in today’s opera.

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As a cultural symbol of Guangxi and even China, the color tune drama “Liu Sanjie” has been performed abroad for many times, building a bridge of friendship between China and the international community. Since the premiere of “New Liu Sanjie”, due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, so far, it has not been able to go abroad. “I hope that one day “New Liu Sanjie” can be sung on foreign stages, and like “Liu Sanjie”, it will spread the magnificent Guangxi culture to all parts of the world.” This is Chen Huihe, the actress “Jiemei”, the heroine of “New Liu Sanjie”. All the cast and crew of Guangxi Drama Theater share the hope.

The continuous exploration of “New Liu Sanjie” on the road of classic innovation has been fully affirmed by the industry and won the 17th Cultural Award. As Wang Shoude, the former director of the General Political and Art Bureau and a well-known literary and art critic, commented: “The creators focus on preserving and embodying the local charm of the color opera, and at the same time try to break the original stylization of the opera. Arrangement and ingenious use have achieved innovation and development in the form of expression, so that this novel full of novelty is full of fresh and rich life breath from beginning to end.” (Guo Kaiqian)

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