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The conceptual (and philosophical) bags of Benedetta Bruzziches

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Someone discovered it recently, when at the last with Gala, there are seen the stars holding one of his very conceptual bags in their fingers. From Caprarola, in the province of Viterbo, to Hollywood, it was a good leap for Benedetta Bruzziches, a gentle stylist who goes where her heart takes her and not the market. Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon called Lola, irreverent daughter of Madonna, in shocking pink with Moschino studs by Jeremy Scott, chose the Little Casper (that evening there was a lot of talk about her unshaved armpits and her handbag): metal mesh studded with crystals with a knot in the handle in heat molded methacrylate. Rachel Zeigler, the very launched Snow White from Disney’s live action, has found perfect, with the Dior haute couture in dévoré velvet, the Ariel clutch-sculpture. While Zoey Deutch, a former Disney heroine, switched to Netflix with The Politician he combined the sensual lavender-colored Atelier Versace with the Giulietta degli Spiriti model, a triumph of crystals in a metal cage. One could say: they are just handbags, to make a good impression on party evenings, New Years or other. But those of Benedetta Bruzziches, who adores the lives of the saints, Matisse, the poems of Wislawa Szymborska, cinema and pop culture, are much more. They are symbols, material philosophies, incentives to self-esteem, narratives of experiences that are also his.

The Lucia in the sky aquamarine-colored bag

What does Little Casper say, for example? “It was born to exorcise a wound of love – he explains, – it represents a man who does ghosting, disappears without explanation (remember Casper the ghost?)”. Instead Ariel, the name of the Little Mermaid, «is the bubble of oxygen that algae create in the depths of the sea, rises and reaches the air. It is the praise of lightness. When you hold it in your hand it forces you to assume the posture of a queen ». It looks like an art object, it would look great on a piece of furniture as a sculpture. The bubble is polyethylmethacrylate worked in block, hollowed and sculpted, twelve hours by car between brushing and mounting to obtain that wonderful aquamarine blue (and many other colors). «I didn’t give it to Rachel Zeigler, I don’t even know which stylist recommended it to her or if she bought it on the website, it was a surprise for me. I don’t have the resources to do Hollywood marketing… »And Juliet of the spirits? «He is a character of Federico Fellini. Represents the magical world of the feminine. An Indian psychologist says that inside every woman there are all the goddesses. You have to know them and get them out. ” But this world is also present in Cabaret (the classic tray of sweets) and in Mirror, a mirror, of course.

La borsa Casper little White Lady

Madonna’s daughter liked La Vitty very much, and not for a gala evening (she put it with destroyed low-waisted jeans and a tiny white crop top), “it’s a tribute to our Monica, an amulet in metal mesh and hand-sewn crystals on an organic silk base by one of the thirty Tuscia seamstresses who work for me between lunch and dinner. They are wearable jewels, armours of light designed for women, to help them regenerate ». But there is also the Vitty Crashed, in patent leather, a little soft and a little stiff, “it took a hit in 3D, – he jokes, – it’s like us, we hit our heads, we’re a little bruised, but we are here”. They are bags-friends. Carmen is the affectionate one: «She comforted me when I needed it. Carmen was the first phase after a breakup, when you feel terrible, you are in a fit of tears, between the bed and the sofa ». The closure of Carmen Starry Sky is a small brass hand, symbol of a dream and a love that can be touched.

The Vitty bag in mignon version, passion fruit color

Ada, one of the latest arrivals, is a hug, molded on the side with the open handle that wraps around the shoulder. It was conceived during the lockdown when hugging was forbidden. Lucia in the Sky (quote from the Beatles) bears the name of the artisan who makes it, and is inspired by the Cistercian cathedrals, built around a ray of light from the solstice. Brass, silk and hand-welded crystal necklaces. But there are also: Raffaella, Brigitte, Pina (dedicated to Pina Bausch) and many others. They are silent, but they say a lot. And they will never betray us.

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