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The controversial post made by Javier Milei about the closure of Inadi

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The controversial post made by Javier Milei about the closure of Inadi

Javier Milei shared on his official Instagram account the edition of a lion throwing a mallet at the word “Inadi” on a wall. The publication, this Thursday afternoon, is part of the announcement of the closure of the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (Inadi).

On Thursday morning, during a press conference, presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni reported that the process to close the state agency began. “We are taking the first steps to advance in the dismantling of different institutes that effectively either serve absolutely no purpose or are large political boxes or are simply places to generate militant employment,” said Adorni.

The spokesperson, when arguing the government’s decision, explained that “the institute today has around 400 employees, dozens of offices throughout the country.” “And well, the truth is that many times these institutes also always have the peculiarity that on many occasions they are led by officials of dubious suitability,” declared the presidential spokesperson.

The publication starring Javier Milei -replaced by a lion-, supports the legend “LONG LIVE LIBERTAD CARAJO” on behalf of the president. The comments presented various reactions.

President Javier Milei’s publication on his Instagram account. (Javier Milei)

Among the users who supported the news, the comments included: “things that I thought did not exist: a President who keeps his word, until Javier Milei arrived” or “exciting Javier, bring me a ballot box and I will vote for you again.” VLLC!!!!” Even a fake account imitating the Minister of Economy Luis Caputo wrote: “we are going to continue leaving everything for a better Argentina! It’s time to support! The second half of the year is going to be better! VLLC.”

On the other hand, the opposition condemned “a president who childishly celebrates an organization that closes because he cannot celebrate the factories that open”; “And how does this feed the kids of Chaco?” and “what and one that has a real impact on people’s daily lives?” among others.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Justice clarified through a document that the functions performed by Inadi will continue to be worked on. “The suitable personnel who work at Inadi and who carry out their work with responsibility and commitment will be transferred to the Ministry where they will work with order, seriousness and suitability,” the document reported.

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For his part, the head of the ministry, Mariano Cúneo Libarona, stated that “it is a priority of this Ministry to care very efficiently for anyone who suffers any type of discrimination, xenophobia and/or racism.”

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