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the Council analyzes the financing of the entity

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the Council analyzes the financing of the entity

This morning began the treatment of the ordinance project for Eliminate component b of the Inspection, Safety and Hygiene (Tish) Fee. In a joint commission of Government and Legal and, Economy, the councilors agreed to request reports from the Executive regarding the merchants that are directly linked to tourism and those who are indirectly.

The initiative to eliminate the component b paid by those who have a commercial authorization in order to finance the Emprotur arose after the controversy over the use of public funds for personal expenses by the president of the entity Gastón Burlón on a trip to Europe.

We have a tremendous opportunity to relieve taxpayers. In addition, we are talking about a tool like Emprotur that was created in an analog world and today it must be rethought for a digital world. Those who make up Emprotur have called me concerned about the project. Not so much from the industry”, warned the councilor of Podemos Pablo Chamatrópulos.

The councilor of the Frente de Todos Julieta Wallace reported that the Fiscal and Tariff Ordinance defines component b as “a mandatory tax contribution”, but does not specify consideration by the municipality as it happens with other rates. “It is a fee, not a tax. In her opinion, the legal advisor says that it was included in an ordinance that was approved on the table in 2013 and left a taxable event that has a weak structure in legal terms, ”she said.

Wallace questioned the responses of the mayor Gustavo Gennuso and the Secretary of Tourism, Gastón Burlón in response to inquiries about spending abroad: “It would be good if they took out the cassette of getting defensive. For the mayor, any question we make is because we are campaigning and they are political issues. I invite you to take out the cassette”.

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During the commission, the councilor announced that she will extend a request for reports to Emprotur since, so far, they have not provided credit card statements. “They are essential to see the specifics of the expense: what day, what and how it was invoiced. In addition, outside the representation of the Secretary of Tourism in the two fairs in Europe, there were two weeks in between where there were expenses when I was on personal leave. There are car rentals: was the rental in Israel when Burlón was on vacation?”, he raised.

Councilor Gerardo Del Río considered that the progress in the modification of component b does not correspond to an anger of the opposition, as Gennuso raised. “Everything would have been easier if they had welcomed us when we showed up at the Emprotur and explained to us how it works. The methodology of spending in question. We found a closed attitude where they kicked us out. Far from opening the doors and dialogue, they took a corporate position in defense of those involved“, said.

The government councilor Carlos Sanchez distanced himself from some criticism and stressed that Emprotur is a powerful tool to promote the city. He considered that the promotion today is reflected in the number of visitors to the city: “I doubt that not even the last kiosk in the neighborhood will benefit”.

In this sense, said the councilor of Juntos Somos Río Negro, Gerardo Ávila, who gave as an example the impact of the stoppage of tourist activity during the pandemic. “You have to see how we move forward and leave a stronger entity. If the Emprotur was lost for a suit it is tragicomic. I am not going to justify anyone; in fact, there is an ongoing investigation in the Court of Auditors, but We are putting a tourism promotion structure at risk due to personal attitudes”.

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