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The crossovers, here are the favorite cars to go on vacation

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ROME – Summer 2021 did not change the habits of Italians. The car remains the preferred means of transport for Italians to get around on vacation. It will also be for the after-effects of the virus, with planes and trains one step behind.
But what is the favorite car? Brumbrum, the first direct online car dealer in Italy, took care of drawing up the special ranking, taking into consideration the cars that in May and June 2021 increased their sales more than the average of the previous months.
Well, if small cars and city cars stand out in the purchase of used cars, such as the Fiat Panda and 500, in the new car section it is the Renault Captur that wins, beating the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. It is the French crossover to have had the greatest increase in online sales in the summer months compared to the average of the past months, and it is also popular in used cars. Clearly rewarded by those looking for a car for the family, with good space and comfort without exaggerating in size.
But the crossovers increasingly loved by Italians, and this is demonstrated by the second position of BMW, with the 2 Series Active Tourer. The Jaguar X-Type also ends up on the podium, despite the fact that the British sedan has been out of production for a few years. But in the second-hand world, the X-Type still travels great and especially those people who prefer a car with great class and style and at very attractive prices like it.
Going further down here is the first station wagon: another Renault, the Megane Sporter, followed by the Volvo XC90, the Swedish seven-seater SUV.
In conclusion, according to Brumbrum, the losers are SUVs and small cars, while crossovers are the type of car preferred by Italians to go on vacation.
A separate chapter for the most popular foods. Diesel, despite declining, tops the list with over 47%, followed by petrol at 26%. Great leap forward of the hybrids that go to the podium with 18.5%. Back LPG, methane and full electric. Finally, the gearbox system: the manual remains at 55%, but the automatic (45%) continues to gain percentage points. The draw is not that far.


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