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The debate for the DNU begins in Congress: divided positions and prediction of a tie

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The debate for the DNU begins in Congress: divided positions and prediction of a tie

Today, Thursday, February 22, the ruling party faces a new political crusade. After the fall of the Omnibus Lawthe Bicameral Legislative Treatment Commission will deal with the “mega DNU” of economic deregulation.

The Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU), which repeals more than 300 laws and proposes modifications for hundreds of others, has 13 titles, and the labor chapter is currently suspended.

The meeting for the formation of the bicameral will take place starting at 12 in the Senate Hall of Provinces, and it is expected that once this procedure has been completed, the discussion will begin on the validity or not of the mega decree of necessity and urgency that has been in force since last December 28.

There will also be discussion on if you meet the requirements of necessity and urgency and if it does not legislate on matters that the Constitution prohibits.

The bicameral commission must focus, after its constitution and the election of authorities, on the study of the DNU 70/23 presented by the Executive Branch on December 20 and effective from the 29th of that month. Once established, The commission will have ten days to rule on the validity or invalidity of the decree.

They convened the bicameral commission to discuss the DNU of Javier Milei

However, as the regulatory deadline for the commission to be issued has expired, the Unión por la Patria bloc requested three meetings of the Senate plenary session to address the treatment.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Martín Menem.

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How the Bicameral was formed to address the validity of the DNU

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Martin Menemdefined last Monday the eight members of that body who will make up the bicameral commission that analyzes the DNU, assigning three spaces to Unión por la Patria, instead of the four it requested, and thus resolving the issue that delayed the formation of the body.

With the formal designation of the eight representatives by the Lower House, the commission was finally formed, since the president of the Senate, Victoria Villarruel, I had done the same more than a month ago.

Of the 16 total members, Union for the Homeland will have six representatives, while three will be from Freedom Advances, two of the PROtwo of the UCRone of We make Federal Coalition, one of Federal Exchange and another of Federal Unit.

Through the Senate they will integrate the bicameral Juan Carlos Pagotto (LLA), Victor Zimmermann (UCR), Luis Judge (PRO), Juan Carlos Romero (CF), Carlos “Camau” Espínola (UF), and Anabel Fernández Sagasti, Mariano Recalde y Maria Teresa Gonzalezthe U.P.

For Deputies, the head of the libertarian caucus will be part, Oscar Zago; and the Corrientes Lisandro Almirónby the ruling party; Hernan Lombardi, by the PRO; the catamarcan Francisco Monti; for radicalism; Nicolas Massot, from We Make the Federal Coalition; and Carolina Gaillard, Ramiro Gutierrez y Vanessa Sileyby Union for the Homeland.

The reactions in the opposition against Javier Milei, who called Congress a “rat’s nest”

The role of the president of the Bicameral and which legislators are being targeted for their votes in favor or against

Parliamentary spokespersons indicated that the ruling party’s intention is to elect the senator from Libertad Avanza as president of the bicameral. Juan Carlos Pagottosomething that the Radical Civic Union does not view favorably.

This role is of utmost importance: whoever leads the bicameral has, in a situation of possible tie, a double vote to define the vote. That is not an unlikely scenario, since the first reports speak of parity between those who are for and against.

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Deputy Nicolás Massot, from the We Make Federal Coalition bloc led by Miguel Angel Pichetto.

Meanwhile, Unión por la Patria aims to achieve a majority opinion of rejection; and the focus is on the positions that four legislators will have: the deputy Nicolas Massot of the block led by Miguel Angel Pichetto, We Make the Federal Coalition, Carlos Espínola of Unidad Federal and for the UCR, Victor Zimmerman and Francisco Monti.

The ruling party will try to delay this scenario as much as possible, since Unión por la Patria has 33 senators and is only four votes away from achieving the majority necessary to reject the DNU. There, the prospects are good for the opposition force.

Anyway, In order to invalidate the decree, the rejection of both chambers is required. (otherwise it is definitively endorsed and in force), so if the Senate moved in that direction then the ruling party could gather a majority together with the dialogue opposition blocks to approve it.

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