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“The Door Lock” Beijing Premiere Director: I hope to pay attention to the topic of women living alone

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“The Door Lock” Beijing Premiere Director: I hope to pay attention to the topic of women living alone

2021-11-18 14:57:08Source: China News Network

Chinanews.com, November 18th. On the 17th, the first topical movie “Door Lock” that truly reflects the safety of women living alone was held in Beijing “Because of the truth, so afraid of” premiere. Producer 500, director Buick and lead star Bai Baihe and Bai Ke, Fan Chengcheng, starring Wang Zixuan, Ma Yuke, and Liu Dian, especially starred in Guo Jiayi and Jin Che Lizi.

Group photo of the creators at the premiere

The movie “Door Lock” tells the story of Fang Hui, a woman living alone in a big city, living a peaceful life at home and company. However, as the doorknob was violently pulled from outside the door one night, all kinds of things began to appear in her life. Strange things, the acquaintances around her are no longer safe, all this makes her living alone feel sick. Under heavy pressure, living alone seems to have become her nightmare.

The director Buick revealed his original intention of creation. It turns out that the story of “The Door Lock” comes from the real experience of his friends. “Every time I see these news about women living alone, I am very shocked and distressed. What is even more terrifying is this It happened by my side. Because of the personal experience of my friends, I think women living alone is a topic worthy of being discussed. This is also the opportunity for the birth of “The Door Lock”.”

Producer Five Hundred also said that living alone is a very common way of life for young people in big cities. Derivative issues such as women’s safety, living alone safety, and information security are all worthy of attention. I hope that the “Door Lock” movie will not only give the audience more thinking, but also let everyone see the female power who dares to fight and resist.

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Starring photo

Bai Baihe played Fang Hui in the film, but she said frankly: “My personality is very different from Fang Hui, but after the filming of the film, there was a period of suspiciousness, and he dared not take the elevator. If the door closed, someone would stretch out his hand. Come in, how can I run out.”

Bai Ke, who plays Zheng Fei, challenged a rather mysterious role this time. He said that it was a very pleasant attempt. I hope you will not be surprised when you see it. Fan Chengcheng, who landed on the big screen for the first time, randomly switched the scene with the character Xiao Wu, restoring the thought-provoking “good night” in the trailer, making the scene laugh.

It is reported that the movie “Door Lock” will be released on November 19.


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