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The drama “Hurricane” involved in the case: Integrating realism and mainstream values-Entertainment-中工网

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The drama “Hurricane” involved in the case: Integrating realism and mainstream values-Entertainment-中工网

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The drama “Hurricane” involved in the case: Aggregating realism and mainstream values

Workers’ Daily—China Industry Network Reporter Su Mo

A few days ago, the drama “Hurricane” involved in the case under the authoritative guidance of the Publicity and Education Bureau of the Central Political and Legal Commission and the Political and Legal Comprehensive Information Center of the Central Political and Legal Commission is currently being broadcast on CCTV 8, which has triggered a wave of people watching. In recent years, there have been many good dramas in the TV drama market that reflect the fight against crime, such as “Sweeping Dark Storm”, “Ice Rain and Fire”, “Punishment” and so on. As an excellent drama with unique themes and phenomenal potential, “Hurricane” provides innovative methods for the creation of dramas involved in the current case in terms of narrative techniques, character creation, and value guidance.

Under the observation of realism, the drama involved pays more attention to plot reasoning and case revealing, and conducts a new exploration in narrative techniques. “Hurricane” cuts into three time and space contexts, and uses the life trajectories of the two characters of the criminal policeman An Xin and the evil force Gao Qiqiang to not only show a struggle story spanning 20 years to eradicate evil, but also reproduce the evil forces under the changing times Several clues go hand in hand to outline a picture scroll of the struggle between justice and evil for the audience.

Looking at several excellent dramas involved in the case in recent years, it is not uncommon to choose multi-line narratives, interspersed narratives and other means to organize stories and create suspense: “Sweeping Black Storm” uses flashbacks and interspersed narratives to advance multiple story lines side by side. Teams, task forces, city bureaus, and local forces laid out clues layer by layer; “Burning” and “Trident” inserted stories from the past time and space into the main line of the sequence to increase the capacity of the story. The non-linear narrative technique keeps the rhythm of the series in a flowing balance, guiding the audience to fill in the blank spots of logic in their minds, and gradually piece together a complete picture of the event.

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At the same time, the drama involved in the case must firmly grasp the details, the core of success or failure. In order to be able to reflect the changes of the times, “Hurricane” is meticulous in the control of details such as scene layout and costume design: macroscopically, scene settings that can evoke past memories of different periods; subtlely, you can see the color of police uniform sweatshirts Changes, the conversion of computers from desktops to thin display screens… Based on the details of “moisturizing everything silently”, the audience finds the corresponding position in the coordinates of the times.

Whether it is “Plainclothes Police” and “Black Ice” in the early years, or recent dramas such as “Icebreaker” and “Sweeping Black Storm”, the portrayal of the characters and group portraits has always been the focus of the dramas involved, and the panoramic presentation of the group portraits of the era is normal. It is one of the highlights of “Hurricane”. The play shows the various living beings in Jinghai City under the black and white confrontation: An Xin, the people’s policeman who pursues justice in his heart, grows into a real good policeman in the struggle against the evil forces; After struggling, he was changed by the general environment and became the representative of the dark and evil forces. The play shows the black-and-white confrontation and complex human nature in a panoramic way from the perspective of different characters, and outlines the imprint of all beings under the 20-year change of Chinese society.

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The characters in the drama involved in the case are reflected in reality, and the audience seems to be in the drama and in reality, which triggers people’s reflection on the dark side of society and human nature, so as to achieve the warning and educational effect of the drama involved in realistic themes. “Hurricane” tells the audience the reason for the rise of the black and evil forces and the hardships of eradicating the evil through the alternate narration of the times. The cases in the play are thought-provoking, realistic life scenes, power and law, love and reason, good and evil The speculative nature of such issues reflects the people’s support and support for combating organized crime and maintaining social order, which has strong practical and educational significance. The drama involved uses the drama as a medium to communicate with the audience, and builds the depth and strength of the work on the basis of a balance between drama stories and reality projection.

The social reality of our country provides a rich material selection basis and a broad creative space for the creation of TV art with the theme of the drama involved in the case. As a visual expression of the achievements of the national anti-crime and anti-evil campaign, “Hurricane” profoundly depicts the real picture of the anti-crime and anti-evil struggle, and provides creative guidance and ideas for reference for TV works with realistic themes involved in the case. In the rapidly developing digital age, realist dramas involved in cases should change with the trend, constantly adjust the content and narrative rhythm, reflect multiple human natures, and undertake the functions of conveying positive values, correctly guiding and educating the audience while exposing social plight, so as to realize The aggregation of realism and mainstream values.

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