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The Elegance of LACOSTE: A Tribute to René Lacoste and the Artistry of French Fashion

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The Elegance of LACOSTE: A Tribute to René Lacoste and the Artistry of French Fashion

Greek-American Designer Pays Tribute to René Lacoste in Paris Fashion Show

In his debut show in Paris, a highly respected Greek-American designer drew inspiration from France’s 1920s, known as the “crazy years,” to create a new interpretation of the era. The designer highlighted the legacy of brand founder René Lacoste, also known as “Mr. Crocodile,” who dominated the tennis world during that time while Paris reigned as the artistic and creative capital of the world.

The collection seamlessly integrated exquisite tailoring, crisp lines, and distinctive patterns, blending fashion and sports elements with art. This season’s focus on art pays homage to the pivotal role it played in René’s era.

René, along with his teammates known as the Four Musketeers, achieved a historic victory in 1927 by winning the Davis Cup from the Americans for the first time. This triumph led to the construction of Roland Garros Stadium and the establishment of the prestigious “French Open” held there, solidifying LACOSTE’s connection to the global tennis community.

The autumn and winter series presented by Pelagia Kolotouros and her team celebrates the fusion of brand heritage and contemporary style. The designers abandoned exaggerated tailoring in favor of sinuous lines and elegant, soft garments that evoke the refined modernism of the 1920s and 1930s. French fashion intertwines with sporty aesthetics, offering a fresh take on classic designs with practical and sophisticated everyday wear.

The show prominently featured the iconic LACOSTE crocodile, designed by René and artist Robert George in 1927. The scaled-down version of this emblem illuminated the collection’s vibrant colors and patterns, adding a subversive element to the garments. Details like crocodile motifs on dresses and vests, along with silk pleats and scarf patterns, exuded a sophisticated yet sporty vibe.

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The collection also paid tribute to René’s tennis roots, with suits inspired by his historic moments on the court in the 1930s. The designer incorporated elements from the original LACOSTE tennis polo shirts and skirts, using wool material and art-style prints reminiscent of René’s sporting achievements.

New silhouette designs and fluid lines injected a modern twist into the collection, honoring René Lacoste’s innovative spirit. Pleated skirts inspired by tennis legend Suzanne Lenglen and cable-knit pieces added a contemporary flair to traditional knitwear. The blend of style and functionality in track tops, parkas, and down jackets reflected a seamless fusion of sport and fashion.

Global spokesperson Wang Yibo attended the show, praising it as a spectacle reminiscent of a sports opening ceremony. He expressed admiration for the tennis-inspired items in the collection, emphasizing the show’s unique blend of elegance, functionality, and historical significance rooted in LACOSTE’s tennis origins.

The collection’s color palette, ranging from sensual black to clay court auburn, sky blue, grass green, LACOSTE green, and pure white, captured the essence of victory on and off the tennis court. With a focus on creativity and collaboration, Pelagia Kolotouros bridged generational and societal divides, delivering a collection that honors LACOSTE’s storied legacy while embracing modern aesthetics and functionality.

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