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The ending of the TV series “Merciful Merit”

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The ending of the TV series “Merciful Merit”

2021-10-12 15:31:00Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network reported on the mountains and donkey carts. The bride held the cloth shoes for her future husband and gestured at the soles of her feet. More than 70 years ago, the young woman with no feet and straight personality appeared on the stage. For six episodes, she never really left her homeland. In fact, Shen Jilan, the protagonist’s prototype “Republic Medal” winner, has stepped on the ground for a lifetime. How did the “her story” in the countryside more than half a century ago span time and space and talk to today’s audience? “Shen Jilan’s Proposal” of “The Merit” ended successfully. The main creative team headed by screenwriter Gong Xiangdong and director Lin Nan solved the problem from the three dimensions of character’s texture, emotion, and sense of substitution, allowing the audience to understand that Shen Jilan advocated equal pay for men and women for equal work and promoted its writing At the same time, the important achievements of the constitution are also in this working woman who has been rooted in the land throughout his life.

Compared with the first four units that have been broadcasted in “The Meritorious Service”, “Shen Jilan’s Proposal” can be described as the beginning of the writing of the characters. In 1946, Shen Jilan, an ordinary woman in the old society yearning for a new life, had not yet learned to read words, let alone build merits. The opening of the unit, the shadow puppet paper-cutting “boarding”, the opening of folk songs, the very characteristic Shanxi folk art navigation, the story starts from an aerial shot, and a welcoming scene brings the audience into the time and space environment stipulated by the story. In terms of environmental space, mountains are connected to mountains, and ditches are connected to ditch. Yellow mud walls, loess roads, smoky stone facades, and building facades exposed with mottled weeds are all poor environments of that era. The crew’s pursuit of texture is also prominently reflected in the characters’ costume makeup and behavior details. As a result of years of grind with the earth and ears, almost everyone’s patch-attached clothes are stained with earthy soil; due to the sun and lack of water, chapped lips and dark complexion become the common appearance of villagers; due to the lack of material life, a bowl of millet is enough. Can be a great happiness. Whether it is going to work in the fields or spinning flowers in the yard, the tricks of Da Lanzi and the sisters fit the image of rural women. In reality, Shen Jilan, deputy to the National People’s Congress, is the child of the people and the land. She loves the people of Xigou Village and Xigou Village.

The image of Dalanzi portrayed in “Shen Jilan’s Proposal” is also sustainable because of her deep and stable foundation. There is a plot in the play. The county secretary came to Shen Jilan and asked the second eldest father at the village head. After a while, the latter suddenly realized “You are talking about our big Lanzi”. Although it is a cutscene, it reflects the deep nostalgia between Shen Jilan and the people of Xigou Village. In “Shen Jilan’s Proposal”, the main creator used Shen Jilan’s emotional interaction and collision with the surrounding characters to write her courage, insight, and courage into reason. As a TV series in which acclaimed heroes have made important contributions to the cause of equality between men and women in New China, “Shen Jilan’s Proposal” has two quite special characters: Wai Wai and Captain Li. Wai Wai is a character that is not well received in Xigou Village. He is impoverished and inactive. Apart from wandering around in the village, he is quarreling with the big mouth and other women. His appearance was as if he was squatting on the stone mill, watching the excitement and pulling the corn in the bowl, looking like nothing to do. The script puts great kindness in this role. Because he wanted to eat a bite of millet, Weiwei applied to join the spinning group that “the masters don’t like”. There was an uproar all around, but Shen Jilan made the final word, saying that men and women are equal, then male compatriots can join the All-One Detachment of Women’s spinning group. This plot is undoubtedly of profound significance when examined in the current atmosphere of the era of “true gender equality”.

Captain Li, played by Zuo Xiaoqing, is a friend and teacher to Shen Jilan in the play. For the villagers of Xigou Village who entered the new China from the old society, Captain Li represents a new atmosphere of the era. In her, she has an independent female consciousness, a popular consciousness of scientific education, and a consciousness of hard struggle. Her arrival, or the birth of New China, strengthened Shen Jilan’s confidence in driving more women to stand up straight and to seek the liberation of women’s labor in a new society where “men and women are the same”.Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter of Xi’an Press


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