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The exposure of Lin Yanjun’s love affair led to large-scale fan removal: the station sister broke the news that his addiction to play was unusually indifferent to fans jqknews

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The exposure of Lin Yanjun’s love affair led to large-scale fan removal: the station sister broke the news that his addiction to play was unusually indifferent to fans jqknews

Original title: Lin Yanjun’s love affair was exposed, causing large-scale fan removal: The station sister broke the news that his addiction to play was unusually indifferent to fans

Sohu Entertainment Zhuangao (Lin Zhenxin / Wen) It is common for idols to collapse, and large-scale fan removal is a new thing.

On September 5, the day after Lin Yanjun’s suspected relationship was exposed, the 7 station sisters grouped together to broadcast live.

Although it has been announced that “I don’t have any expectations, I just want to chat together”, but the station sister’s return from fans still attracted a lot of onlookers, including big V and star studios.An hour before the broadcast, the live broadcast had 8 million+ reservations; by the end of the broadcast, the viewing volume had reached 45 million.

What the hell did the ladies who took off the powder think? Why step back? How many unknown materials do they have in their hands? Sohu Entertainment talked to a number of Lin Yanjun station sisters.

In the past, the idols in their eyes were cold, literary, and contrasting charm; now that the fan filter has faded, they only feel that Lin Yanjun“Indifference”, “don’t know how to be grateful”, “have no professionalism”.

On September 4, a paparazzi exposed a video of Lin Yanjun and the woman returning to the hotel together, and broke the news that the two spent three days and three nights together.

At the beginning, netizens still ate melons with the mentality of “no casualties”, and some fans expressed their attitudes: “People who are running three can fall in love”, “He has experienced too much, and fans have become fans of life.”

But then, Lin Yanjun’s studio issued a statement, saying that “some online self-media accounts disseminated abnormally filmed videos of Lin Yanjun through the Internet, and published false information about Lin Yanjun’s relationship.”

Many fans couldn’t sit still, accusing the statement of avoiding the important points and questioning Lin Yanjun’s inaction. The studio’s “invalid statement”, coupled with the removal of fans and various revelations, gradually reversed the trend of public opinion. Following the same tattoo and the same curtain, fans picked out the identity of the “girlfriend” in the video and sent out “Ten Questions to Lin Yanjun” Weibo.

“Posting on Weibo is a complete disappointment, and I want to hammer him to death.”Sohu Entertainment reached out to a user whose Weibo account is “Shen Chen Yu Shuttle Machine”.

At the beginning, some netizens broke the news on Douban that Lin Yanjun “played Texas all night with beauties and lost all his money” before returning to the entertainment industry to make money. It was @陈陈鱼 Shuttle who posted photos of Lin Yanjun’s 27th birthday, which proved that he “played Texas” Poker” this.

In that photo, there is a set of playing cards on the birthday cake, and the congratulatory text is “27 years old to the top of Texas KING”.

Source of the picture: @陳陈鱼shuttle machine

Shen Chenyu’s shuttle told us: “She doesn’t care about anything else, she only cares about Lin Yanjun’s attitude towards fans.”

It was the studio’s innocuous statement, Lin Yanjun’s own attitude, that completely disappointed her and decided to send a picture to “hammer” him.

In the newly released chat record, she revealed that Lin Yanjun “spends a lot of money” when he plays cards, and he is very proud.“One hand is 5k, and if you lose a lot in one night, you can go up to 20w, playing like a mad dog.”With some real information in her hands, she finally saw clearly that the so-called return of idols is“After gambling, I came back to make money”

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Source of the picture: @陳陈鱼shuttle machine

To her surprise, no fans or entertainers sought her out, or threatened her,They are all supporting her to continue to put the hammer.

Sister Zhan took off her fans, and it was a huge impact just to release the original image that the idol has not edited.

What’s more, Lin Yanjun’s sisters have real materials with pictures and hammers, and the feeling of contacting real people offline.

In the live broadcast of the hotly searched station sister, it was mentioned that Lin Yanjun only read the same page every time he read a book or a script in public, and claimed to be “I spent several seven figures for Lin Yanjun.”

Looking back now, I think it was not worth the money.

Breaking time

The brief responses released by Lin Yanjun and the studio at 3:00 a.m. on September 6, most fans were not satisfied and felt suspicious:

“Currently single” is an overnight breakup? Or is it “it was just for fun” that fans guessed?

If it is indeed “without the artist’s knowledge”, the “yacht and birthday activities” prepared by the staff means that he is playing cards for real?

Is the apology in simplified Chinese characters written by Lin Yanjun himself?

The artist Weibo and the studio official Weibo post were both selected in the middle of the night, only 2 minutes away. Did they dare to post it when no one was watching in the middle of the night? Or after watching the live broadcasts of the station sisters and more and more revelations, I feel it is necessary to say something? …

In the clarification text, Lin Yanjun thanked the fans, saying, “Being able to face everyone again is the support and tolerance of Evanism all the way. You are the biggest driving force for me to get here. not forgotten.”

But fans don’t seem to buy it anymore. In the final analysis, when the personality collapses, so does trust.

“He has committed several major ‘death crimes’ of Neiyu.”

The station sister Huhu told Sohu Entertainment that her current feeling is that “he deserves the ridicule of the whole network”.

Seeing him rise from a high building, seeing his building collapse. As a big station sister, she has followed the camera, filmed variety shows, and followed events of all sizes. She also gave out PB, but the money she earned from PB was only a drop in the bucket compared to what she spent on chasing the trip.

“Other artists have also chased some. My assessment is that Nei Entertainment can’t find a second Lin Yanjun (derogatory), and those who don’t like business will not be as indifferent as him.

As the station sisters broke the news in the live broadcast, they also attended events in Thailand, and the “top streamers” who were more popular than him would enter and exit through the gate to greet fans, but he just didn’t show up; he didn’t stop when recording the variety show “Wild Kitchen” Living in a hotel in the village, I knew that there was a sister who was filming, but I still had a cold face.

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In another live broadcast room with 185,000 viewers, an anonymous fan revealed that she wrote almost 100 letters to Lin Yanjun during “Idol Trainee”, but she speculated: “Except for the few letters I read in front of the show camera, other estimates also I haven’t read it.” The four-year-old fan said that when he saw him at the airport “seeing fans taking a detour”, his “heart was chilled”.

No career, no love for business, no gratitude, chaotic private life, repeat offenders of plagiarism, love to play cards, love to dress up… The “bad deeds” pointed out by the station sisters made Lin Yanjun suspect that he was not rich after his relationship was exposed. Popularity worsens.

“Every time you don’t say hello, you don’t do business, and you don’t receive letters.I’ve never seen a little idol who doesn’t receive letters. But after the fans got used to it, no one sent letters. “

The only time PoPo photographed Lin Yanjun’s eyes was on the day of Sina’s live broadcast in 2019. More than a dozen station sisters waited for him to go to work, but Lin Yanjun still did not look up or look at people as usual. The scene is crowded and crowded,Suddenly a fan bumped into the revolving door and only raised his head when he heard a loud “dong” sound.

Huhu’s friend once made a special trip to buy a plane ticket for Lin Yanjun’s class, and gave him a pair of shoes worth tens of thousands on the plane.“Fans with Fei can send gifts, but he doesn’t even say thank you.”

Shoes, ties, these valuable gifts, he will receive and use them, and bring them into the crew. But these gifts can’t get him a face-to-face “thank you” to his fans.

Huhu told Sohu Entertainment that without fans, he would “I was very happy chatting with the female staff, and when I saw the fans, I immediately changed my face“; and when Sister Zhan was there, his normal state was “Head down, no face in sight, no response”。

The picture comes from the network

When there is a lens, it also depends on the situation. At the airport, hats, masks, sunglasses, and neck pillows are all indispensable. He lowered his head the whole time, “no one wants to see his face.”

In front of the camera of the event, it is different. He will act like a spoiled child, be funny, and talk a lot. The station sisters who have seen the huge contrast will also sigh in their hearts:“Oh? Isn’t this a greeting? It’s not a ‘dead man’.”

In the more than a year since he disappeared, fans have been waiting for a reply, and some fans even described that period as “the widow guarding the grave” during the live broadcast. But from the beginning to the end, it did not wait for any sincere response and explanation.

In the face of such an idol, why can Sister Zhan keep chasing him? PoPo replied:“When there is a fan filter, I will think that he is so cute and charming. Of course, the most important thing is to look at his face.”

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fan filter

Fans, they are very tolerant when they love, and extremely strict when they don’t.

Here is a summary of the previous situation. Lin Yanjun, who debuted as the fifth place in NINE PERCENT, disappeared from the public view a few months after the disbandment of the limited group.

“I was very impressed. In December 2019, he had a red carpet event with the Times Youth League. The station sisters were all ready to draw pictures, but he ran away temporarily.” Lin Yanjun’s fan PoPo recalled that since then, Lin Yanjun hardly appeared again.

He doesn’t post, doesn’t attend any events, doesn’t promote new works, and all the fans can get is just a few voices that are occasionally circulated.

“All the station sisters I know have run away.” PoPo told Sohu Entertainment, in fact, most of Lin Yanjun’s station sisters did not update as early as 2019. Including @MeltingPoint·_· who initiated the live broadcast of Lianmai, only a set of pictures was released in 2021 to celebrate the third anniversary of his debut, and it was still in stock a long time ago.

The reasons for his disappearance are also divided.

Some people said that he had a contract dispute with his agency and was unable to show his face; some people said that he had health problems and was unwilling to work hard in the entertainment industry, so he was gone.

PoPo originally believed this until the revelation of “playing Texas” appeared.

The picture comes from the network

“Empty windows came back strong with my sister-in-law in one year”, fans were stabbed hard. In the final analysis, everyone chooses to step back because of disappointment, anger, and unwillingness.

When talking to Sohu Entertainment, PoPo was tearing up Lin Yanjun’s photo.Although she did not tweet back to step back, her contempt was also obvious.

“In Guangzhou on September 4th, the curtain call was obviously not as happy as before, but who knows if it was a performance.” PoPo said very bluntly:“There is no acting skills in the works, but they perform very well on the Internet and in interviews.”

Image source see watermark

Once, they comforted themselves: I don’t have a career, I don’t have a business, I think it’s enough to look handsome. Even if there is no work, no strength, at least have a grateful heart.

In the end, they came to their senses and formed the “Avengers”.

He likes the face, the beauty and the miserable, the boyfriend power, and the character, but few people stand up and say that they like him.

In the past, fans refused to believe that he plagiarized, but now they feel that his hammered lyrics and Weibo copywriting are all plagiarism. He even deleted the only handwritten thank you letter to fans on Weibo.

“Even fans who don’t spend money can step back. Is he afraid of being told by others when he does these things?”PoPo said angrily.

When wearing a fan filter, indifference and not saying hello fall into the eyes of fans, which can be proof of the “cold” character. Once the house collapses, all kinds of non-business and ingratitude are all evidence of “idol’s morality”.

PoPo and Huhu are all pseudonyms in the textReturn to Sohu, see more

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