Home Entertainment The film “Broken Bridge” homologous script kill for the first time on the 13th pre-sale to form a film of the same name and the script kill for the first time – Qianlong.com.cn

The film “Broken Bridge” homologous script kill for the first time on the 13th pre-sale to form a film of the same name and the script kill for the first time – Qianlong.com.cn

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The film “Broken Bridge” homologous script kill for the first time on the 13th pre-sale to form a film of the same name and the script kill for the first time – Qianlong.com.cn

On August 13th, on the day of the Beijing premiere of the movie “Broken Bridge”, the city-limited version of the movie “Broken Bridge” was officially launched on Tmall Damai.com’s official flagship store, Xiao Hei Detective, and GoDan platforms, and pre-production was opened. sale.

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The script kill “Broken Bridge” is another suspenseful reasoning work created by Damai based on film and television IP after “Darkers 2: Seven Desires”. It is jointly produced by Damai and Reasoning Master, and co-produced by Yimeng, the famous mystery novel writer Zhou Haohui and Jiafeimao. Killing the script tells the story of the remote mountain village “Kuichan Village”, the only stone bridge leading to the outside world, suddenly collapsed, and two horrifying charred corpses appeared in the ruins of the mountain village. The six travelers, led by a strange woman who was looking for Meng Chao, walked on the road. A story of the search for truth and the road to revenge.

As the homologous creation of the movie “Broken Bridge”, the script kills “Broken Bridge” is a completely independent story line, and it does not spoil each other with the movie. “The movie uses the big screen to show the joys and sorrows behind a suspenseful story. The script kills, through the player’s in-depth experience, enters the character’s heart, deeply experiences the character’s life, and makes a choice of redemption and forgiveness. The movie follows the actors. Approaching the characters to feel the progress of the story, script killing means that the audience themselves become the characters, and the characters’ love and hatred are staged.” Chu Cheng, head of the content business of Damai script killing, revealed.

According to reports, the film “Broken Bridge” is produced by Beijing Laurey Pictures Co., Ltd., Beijing Longgong Culture Media Co., Ltd., Alibaba Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and Emei Film Group Co., Ltd., directed by Li Yu and directed by Fang Li. Producer, a drama crime movie starring Ma Sichun, Wang Junkai and Fan Wei. As of the pre-screening, the total pre-sale box office of the movie “Broken Bridge” has exceeded 40 million, and the two platforms of TaopiaoPiao and Maoyan want to watch more than one million.

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This movie and script kill the work of the same name “Broken Bridge” is not only another innovation of the cross-screen cooperation between Damai and Ali Pictures, but also launched the “movie + script kill” double-launch mode of the same name for the first time in the industry. On the one hand, it explores the diversified presentation of high-quality content IP to meet consumers’ evolving multi-level content consumption needs; Online entertainment consumer market.

Industry insiders believe that innovations in the form of content organization will bring new product supply to the market, which will further trigger potential consumer demand on the consumer side. Players who are killed by the script also want to watch a movie again and feel a different suspenseful reasoning.”

At the end of July, Damai released the layout of the script killing business, emphasizing that it will focus on four aspects of construction: first, focus on user experience, take comment scoring as the core decision-making element, and create a decision-making platform for script killing and play; second, pay attention to business development, through traffic Boosting, resource tilting, cash incentives, marketing blessings and other measures to support boutique stores and open up new growth space for merchants; third, focus on content production and distribution, cooperate with leading content parties to adapt across screens, and produce high-quality movie and TV IP works. Promote the service model of “delivery by ticket”; fourth, pay attention to the diversified development of the platform, convert the “traffic” of a single category into the “reservation” of the platform, promote users’ cross-category consumption, and activate the potential consumption momentum of the market.

Up to now, the Damai platform has covered 2,000 script killing stores in 40 cities across the country, and has listed 7,000 high-scoring script killing IPs. In terms of self-production, Damai cooperated with Juyou Universe, and the “Silence of Psychology”, which cooperated with the reasoning master based on film and television IP, have also been introduced to the market.

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