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The first child seat in the world with an airbag

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The Germans pioneered the seat with integrated airbag: it’s called Anoris T i-Size and produced by Cybex, a company that since 2005 has been doing its utmost to reassure mothers and fathers behind the wheel.

“For decades, airbags have been essential safety features for vehicles, protecting adults from serious injury in the event of an accident,” says Martin Pos, founder of Cybex. Since the company was founded in 2005, we had a vision of creating a car seat that would make this technology accessible to children as well. Thanks to the work of our development team over the last 16 years and thanks to new technologies, Anoris T i-Size was born ».

A long process, which first gave birth to Sirona, a wheelchair for children (from 1 to 4 years), to facilitate the load by parents, ready to be secured against the direction of travel; then “with Anoris – tell from the House – the level of safety has evolved: today, the child seat – fixed in the direction of travel, to facilitate parents, who can thus always keep children under control from the rear-view mirror – thanks to the airbag integrated integral is 50% safer than the average “.

In detail, Anoris, produced for children from 76 cm to 115 cm – up to 21 kg in weight – contains a C-shaped airbag in the front safety cushion: in the event of a frontal impact, within a few milliseconds, it opens to meet the fabric lining of the plastic shell in front. The cover is designed to support the inflation of the airbag: the system, subjected to crash tests, as usual, shows that it is able to limit the “whip” effect by ensuring that the child’s head remains adherent to the seat.

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In addition, to adapt the size of the child up to six years, for which it is arranged, it is adjustable in 3 positions, offering enough space for the legs. For those who buy it for children up to four, we remind you to equip yourself with an anti-abandonment system, mandatory by law, usually applied on the front straps. In this case, for example, you can opt for a universal mat, capable of detecting the weight of the child if he remains on board, when the driver gets out of the car.


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