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The first “Chinese Film Screenwriter Week” kicks off today-Headline

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The first “Chinese Film Screenwriter Week” kicks off today-Headline

The “spring” of talent springs up, and the “weaving” weaves the spring. The first “Chinese Film Screenwriters Week” will be held in Quanzhou from 22nd to 26th.

The event is jointly sponsored by the China Film Association, Fujian Provincial Film Bureau and Quanzhou Municipal People’s Government, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Film Art Center, China Film Association Film Literature Creation Committee, Fujian Film Association, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Quanzhou Municipal Committee, Quanzhou Broadcasting Organized by TV Station, Licheng District People’s Government, Quanzhou Cultural Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd. and other units, with the theme of “Salute to Screenwriters”, the first “China Film Association Cup” Honorary Film Festival, Chinese Film Screenwriter Forum, and Film Literature Forum will be held during the event , Film Screenwriter Night, Film Literature Night, “Song and Yuan China Haisi Quanzhou” creative collection, film master class, the 13th “China Film Association Cup” annual top ten film play promotion night and other series of activities.

The organizer stated that when the people of the whole country are deeply studying and implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and at the time of the successful conclusion of the National Two Sessions, the purpose of holding the “Chinese Film Screenwriter Week” is to open up the film production industry chain and further promote the joint development of film and literature. , provide a good interactive platform for screenwriters and writers, deepen the connection between literature and film, and contribute to the development of Chinese film industry. A number of well-known screenwriters, directors, actors, editors, artists, producers, etc. in the film industry will participate in this film week to jointly promote the creation and promotion of excellent film scripts and jointly promote the high-quality development of Chinese films.

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As one of the important activities in the field of Chinese film screenwriting, the “China Film Association Cup” selection and promotion of the top ten film screenplays of the year has been held for 12 consecutive sessions. This year, on the basis of the “China Film Association Cup”, the event was upgraded to “Chinese Film Screenwriter Week” and landed in Quanzhou. (Quanzhou Evening News reporter Chen Zhiyong)

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