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The first e-bike that turns into an office

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ROME – Over two million bicycles were sold in Italy last year and the figure is set to grow considerably even outside our borders. A thriving market therefore is that of bikes, including e-bikes which, thanks to the electric thrust, allow anyone to ride. The pandemic has also contributed to revolutionizing the movement of people by giving preference to individual mobility which continues to grow. In such a context there is certainly no shortage of original proposals such as the one arrived from an Asian designer who designed the Buck Psa-1, the first electric “workstation” bike in the world. A simple and ingenious idea since more and more people use the bicycle for work trips and therefore in an instant from the upper barrel of the e-bike frame an otherwise perfectly integrated table is extracted so as to seem part of the design.

Just rotate the saddle 90 degrees and pull the appropriate handle to immediately have a height-adjustable table of the optimal size to place a laptop on it, also benefiting, if necessary, from the power supply offered by the bike battery. The citybike line is pleasant and minimalist with an essential and functional design with the various cables that pass inside the frame for a cleaner look.

The Buck Psa-1 is equipped with a comfortable rear basket that can hold the computer bag while for greater comfort the front fork is cushioned and there are also “ox horn” appendages on the handlebar for a more relaxed ride. The original e-bike workstation is available in three colors, an elegant white, a classic silver gray and a refined gold, all with contrasting black details. At the moment, the technical details or the price to the public have not been disclosed and not even in which markets it will be available but surely by seeing the Buck Psa-1 someone in the Old Continent will have already turned on the famous “light bulb”.


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