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The first edition of the Hangzhou Michelin Guide is officially released!From fly restaurants to star hotels, do you like anything_Hangzhou Net

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The first edition of the Hangzhou Michelin Guide is officially released!Do you like anything from a fly restaurant to a star hotel?

On May 30, the first edition of the Hangzhou Michelin Guide was released. A total of 51 restaurants entered the Michelin Guide recommendation list for the first time, including 6 one-star restaurants, 12 Bib Gourmand recommended restaurants and 33 Michelin Guide-selected restaurants. In addition, Michelin also awarded two individual awards in Hangzhou, the Michelin Guide Sommelier Award and the Service Award.

“The Michelin inspector team is honored to present the first Hangzhou Guide. In the process of making this guide, our inspectors deeply felt the importance of local seasonal ingredients to Hangzhou cuisine as the seasons change.” International Director of Michelin Guide Mr. Gwenda Plernek mentioned, “We have noticed that the number and quality of exquisite restaurants in Hangzhou are growing steadily. Although Hangzhou cuisine is still dominated by local cuisine, other types of cuisine besides Zhejiang cuisine are also available in response to market demand. Steadily rising. With the entry of the Michelin Guide and the recovery of the global economy, we sincerely hope that the catering industry will develop healthily and positively, and we also hope that this guide can evolve with the catering industry in Hangzhou and record the rich and colorful food scene in Hangzhou.”

How hard is it to get a Michelin recommendation?

If Oscar is the benchmark for measuring the film industry, then the “ceiling” of the catering industry may be Michelin. This catering list, which has a history of more than 100 years, was originally a marketing strategy launched by Michelin tire manufacturers to provide car users with suggestions on travel routes, dining places, accommodation and service stations, and later developed into catering. Guide to dining. When many tourists travel, they will check in the local Michelin list to recommend restaurants.

This time, the Hangzhou Michelin Guide awarded a total of 6 Michelin one-star restaurants. These restaurants have been recognized by the Michelin reviewer team after many anonymous visits to restaurants and joint discussions throughout the year.

If a Michelin-starred restaurant is a representative of “tall”, then a restaurant recommended by Bib Gourmand is a down-to-earth “firework on earth”.

In the first edition of the Hangzhou Michelin Guide released, Bib Gourmand recommends a total of 12 delicious and value-for-money restaurants, and the per capita consumption is usually below 300 yuan (including three dishes, drinks and drinks excluded). Hangbang The restaurant and Hangzhou-style noodle restaurant occupy a prominent position, including local home-cooked dishes, vegetarian dishes, noodles and dim sum, etc., which are very familiar with the daily food of Hangzhou.

In addition to restaurants recommended by Michelin stars and Bib Gourmand, 33 restaurants covering 10 cuisines were also included in the list of the first edition of Hangzhou Guide for their outstanding performance. Zhuang, Tianlunli, Huqingyutang Herbal Cuisine, etc., reflect the broad prospects and strong momentum of Hangzhou’s catering development.

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6 restaurants with one Michelin star (in no particular order)

amber(innovative dishes)

Chef Alan Yu, who has honed his skills in several prestigious kitchens, took over the atmospheric restaurant in 2022. The dining tables in the lobby are surrounded by richly patterned stone walls, creating an intimate dining space. The restaurant only serves set menus and the menu changes quarterly. The dish design and cooking techniques are based on French cuisine, and some dishes incorporate Chinese elements.

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Gui language mountain house (Zhejiang Cuisine)

The restaurant is located in Manjuelong near the West Lake. It is named after the mountain full of osmanthus trees. The furnishings in the store are simple and elegant. During the meal, the tea master will perform traditional tea ordering for each table, bringing the fragrance of tea to the room. The chef selects seasonal ingredients from all over the country to interpret Zhejiang cuisine. For example, the Jiuqu Hongmei crispy chicken is made from Guangdong Qingyuan chicken, marinated and smoked with Hangzhou black tea, the skin is crispy and the meat is tender with a warm tea aroma. The river seafood cooked with pickled bamboo shoots is also worth trying. If you visit in autumn, you may wish to dine in the garden and enjoy the sweet-scented osmanthus.

Jiexiang Building (Zhejiang Cuisine)

Nestled in a bamboo grove, this restaurant exudes an otherworldly tranquility. The chef skillfully applies popular Western cooking techniques to Jiangnan cuisine, and the dishes are beautifully presented. We recommend the Eight Flavors Linglong Brocade Box, which contains four exquisitely crafted signature appetizers; and Song Sao’s Donghai Fish Fillet Soup is also very good. It is cooked with Donghai small yellow croaker, and the meat is tender and delicious.

Sands Hall (Zhejiang Cuisine)

Located in the core area of ​​West Lake, the restaurant is built in the style of ancient buildings, with a beautiful garden outside and a lotus pond in the garden. The chef selects seasonal and high-quality ingredients from all over the country, and interprets Zhejiang dishes in a modern way. The new dishes every season are refreshing. Evocative dishes such as braised pork with abalone and Longjing stewed milk are recommended. The restaurant has a variety of tea, wine and Jiangsu and Zhejiang rice wine to match the dishes.

Longjing Thatched Cottage (Zhejiang Cuisine)

Diners step into the gate and walk through the stone bridge and garden before arriving at the antique box, the environment is quiet and comfortable. The experienced chef is good at cooking seasonal ingredients with traditional methods, presenting authentic and delicate Jiangnan dishes. Only customized set menus are available, and the menu content will be communicated with customers in advance. It is recommended to try more Zhejiang-style dishes. Due to the limited number of boxes, it is advisable to book in advance.

Sun Wing Kee (Taizhou Cuisine)

The restaurant is located in Xixi National Wetland Park, surrounded by lush greenery. The understated decor and quality Taizhou food will make this trip worthwhile. The deep-fried octopus is crispy and tender, while the squab is juicy and tender.

12 Bib Gourmand restaurants (in no particular order)

Baozhongbao Restaurant (Hangzhou cuisine)

For more than 20 years, the restaurant has been known for its home-cooked Hangzhou cuisine, and its carefully prepared dishes are well known to regular customers. The signature cold cabbage Kao is paired with sweet and sour sauce, which is soft and tender. The scallion-wrapped meat made by wrapping meat and scallions in bean curd skin and deep-fried is also well-made.

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Boss Fang (Noodle)

The boss was born in a culinary family, and the family has been chefs for three generations. After many years of hard training, he learned the good craft of cooking noodles. The restaurant serves classic Hangbang noodles, and the toppings are all cooked to order, authentic ingredients. The signature kidney flower noodles cooked with fresh pork loin are crisp, tender and tasteless without any fishy smell; the big meat marinated with Xinhui Meijiang tangerine peel has a rich taste and a faint fragrance of tangerine peel.

King of Revival (Noodle)

The shop may lack funky decor, but there’s always a line waiting for a bowl of his signature noodles from the self-proclaimed “noodle king.” Tomato sauce mixed with Sichuan is a popular item that must be ordered: the tomato is boiled until soft and rotten, wrapped in noodles, sweet and sour appetizer, with shredded pork, dried tofu and chives, rich ingredients. The toppings are fried on the spot, and the steaming taste is worth waiting patiently.

Fuyuanju (Uptown,Hangzhou cuisine

It mainly serves Hangzhou home-cooked dishes and is very popular among local diners. Queues are often required during peak meal times. The signature vegetable oil chicken is smooth and juicy, and the lightly fried chicken skin is topped with rich scallion oil, which is full of flavor. Steamed bamboo shoots with sauced meat and vegetarian chicken are full of childhood flavors, and the bamboo shoots used in the former will change with the seasons.

Hui Xin Snack Bar (Dim Sum)

This little shop offers great food at affordable prices, and it’s not hard to see why it’s always packed. The small shop only serves wontons and siu mai, all handmade by the store, freshly packaged and cooked, very fresh. There are two ways to eat wontons with soup and dry mix, and there are a variety of fillings to choose from. Among them, the egg yolk fresh meat wonton shaped like an ingot is the most distinctive, and each is wrapped with delicious salted egg yolk. The siu mai has thin skin and plenty of stuffing. The juicy pork is mixed with diced bamboo shoots, which has a unique taste.

Jin Zhongbang (Hangzhou cuisine)

Jin Zhongbang is hidden in the old residential area, and it mainly serves the home-cooked dishes of the Hangzhou gang. All kinds of side dishes are made of fresh ingredients and fried on the spot. The taste is authentic and full of wok gas. The signature dish is dry-fried stinky tofu, which has a strong smell and is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The dishes are generous in portion, suitable for sharing with three or five confidantes. The small shop is very popular with the neighbors and is often full of seats.

Qingchun Pumen (vegetarian diet)

Hiding in the secluded garden next to Lingyin Temple, guests can leisurely taste vegetarian dishes and health drinks. Its dishes are eclectic. In addition to traditional Chinese tastes, there are also Southeast Asian flavors. They are particularly particular about ingredients, choosing seasonal and organic foods, such as silky hazelnut brown rice milk and handmade dim sum, which are full of characteristics.

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Rongxian Noodle House (Qianjiang Road, Noodles)

This noodle shop with a history of more than 20 years moved to its current location a few years ago. Different from other local traditional noodle restaurants, the signature here is pickled cabbage fish noodles. The boss will personally select fresh black fish, and then use fish bones, sauerkraut and various spices to cook the soup. It tastes spicy and has a strong spice flavor, which is very attractive.

Wuzi Noodle House (Noodle)

The small shop has become a popular noodle restaurant in the neighborhood because of its cheap and high-quality Hangbang noodles. Serves noodle soup and Chuan Chuan. The boss is very particular about the heat and seasoning of the cooking toppings, and insists on frying them on the spot. We recommend the salty, sweet and delicious shrimp fried meal, which is full of steam and rich in ingredients; the liver and kidney toppings fried with pork liver and kidney flowers are charred on the outside and tender on the inside, highlighting the boss’s excellent frying skills.

Xiaodianhuang (Zhejiang Cuisine)

In order to use fresh and authentic ingredients for the dishes, the boss will go back to his hometown Shaoxing every two days to buy them, so the menus written on the small whiteboard are all seasonal dishes. The stinky tofu is a must. It is made with more than 20 years of old brine. It has a rich and mellow taste. Among them, the soft and sweet stinky tofu steamed sheep brain is the most recommended. The store also offers Shaoxing freshwater fish, which can be prepared in a variety of ways, so you may wish to ask the boss for advice.

Xiao Lao wonton (dessert)

The small shop is located in a small alley deep in the Drum Tower, and there is a hanging flag with the words “Wonton King” hanging at the door. The wontons are all hand-wrapped in the store, and the fillings are all seasonal ingredients. Whether it is vegetables or local pork, they are all purchased from the nearby market, which is very fresh. The store also adds black sesame seeds to the filling, which makes the wontons overflowing with gravy more fragrant. The soup base is freshened with snow-white dried shrimps, and a spoonful of lard is added to present the taste of old Hangzhou.

Zhizhu (West Lake, Vegetarian)

This vegetarian restaurant is located at the foot of Lingyin Temple, and there is a unique small yard outside the store, which is quite Zen-like. The dishes are mainly vegetarian noodles and dumplings, all of which are handmade by the store. The green noodles are made with spinach juice, served with seasonal vegetables and mushrooms, and the mushroom soup base is freshly cooked every day, which is clear and sweet. Pan-fried vegetarian dumplings have a crispy skin with ice flowers, and the fillings are delicious and juicy.

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