Home Entertainment The first stop of the musical “The Pretender” opens in Shanghai, Huang Haowen plays “Ming Cheng”, both ingenious and resourceful to stage a spy war

The first stop of the musical “The Pretender” opens in Shanghai, Huang Haowen plays “Ming Cheng”, both ingenious and resourceful to stage a spy war

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Source Title: The first stop of the musical “The Pretender” in Shanghai opens.

Recently, the national tour of the large-scale original musical “The Pretender” kicked off at Shanghai Station. In order to prepare the stage, the team is equipped with a luxurious cast and a huge production team. Among them, the young actor Huang Haowen will play the role of Ming Jia in the evening schedule on the 25th. The second brother “Ming Cheng” carefully interprets the choices and growth of the characters in the dark war era, and presents the past spy war years to the audience.

The original team gathered together and the actors infected the audience with their strength

The musical “The Pretender” is adapted from the spy war novel “The Spy War on the Beach” by the writer Zhang Yong. The original work is based on the period of the establishment of the Wang Puppet regime during the War of Resistance Against Japan. The story of a patriot who is active on the espionage battlefield with dual or even triple identities. It is reported that the stage play invites the original author Zhang Yong and top industry figures to incubate the script with great concentration, and is committed to presenting the audience with the most suitable stage scenes of the original work.

This tour is the first part of the trilogy of musicals, “Wish to Deserve This Body to Serve the Country” from Mingcheng’s perspective to tell the hidden story line in the “pretender”. The interpretation of the narrator “Mingcheng” is particularly important. The post-95 actor Huang Haowen graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 2015, majoring in musical performance. In the process of interpreting the characters, he uses his powerful voice, typhoon, form and performance to attract people into the play, and will be a courageous and courageous. Bringing the image of an agent to the audience, the performance was good.

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Passionate about diversification, try to give vitality to each character

On the stage is the brave and loyal Ming family brother, and off the stage are young actors who are serious and never perfunctory in rehearsing the show. Huang Hao also said that he likes the IP of “Pretender” very much. As a young man, he is very sure that this show will make Friends of the same age or even younger accept and love it. His love for musicals also inspired Huang Haowen’s enthusiasm for other film and television performances. He played “Li Cunxin” in the 2008 film “The Last Dancer”, which premiered at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival;

In the 2017 costume online drama “The Survival of the Favored Concubine”, Huang Haowen played the handsome and unrestrained “Xiao Ziming”; in the TV series “University Dormitory Life” in 2018, he played the leading male “Mai Shuai” and starred in Love in the same year. Qiyi’s self-produced drama “The Joy of Two Generations”, in which he plays the cold and handsome “King of Qing”, not only that, he also has a rich resume in drama, and has starred in “Secret Love in Peach Blossom Spring”, “Thunderstorm”, “Group of Monkeys”, etc., musicals His works include “Awakening of Spring”, “West Side Story”, “Home” and so on.

Huang Haowen’s outstanding temperament and appearance have advantages. He has a spontaneous enthusiasm in an actor. He has the courage to challenge various types of works and dare to break through the field. He believes that the future is infinite.


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