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“The Flame on the Plain” promotes Qu Zhou, Dongyu, Liu Haoran and other creative voices-International Online

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A few days ago, the MV for the promotion song “Mohe Ballroom” of the movie “Flame on the Plain” was launched and a group of retro fashion blockbusters were exposed. The song was originally sung by the musician Liu Shuang. This time, the film starring Zhou Dongyu, Liu Haoran, Mei Ting and Yuan Hong will sing it with love. In the MV, the four actors “sing and dance” together for the first time, and the retro style is very atmospheric. At the same time, the lyrics full of thoughts are intertwined with the original voice lines of the original creator, and the film screens, which together tell an unforgettable dusty past.


  Leading the creation of a ensemble singing promotion song to interpret the past of the 90s

The MV for the promotion song “Mohe Dance Hall” of the movie “Flame on the Plain” tells a touching love story. Boys come to the dance hall and meet a girl they haven’t seen for many years singing and dancing with their loved ones joyfully, but in the end they find that all this is nothing but It is his thoughts and fantasies. In the MV, the leading actors Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran, and the leading actors Mei Ting and Yuan Hong “sing and dance” for the first time, recreating a variety of retro dance steps. Between light and shadow, the scene from opening to closing is like a wonderful journey through time and space. The MV uses a double story line to extend the story of the movie protagonists Li Fei (played by Zhou Dongyu) and Zhuang Shu (played by Liu Haoran) outside the play, telling the whole story about the promise and guarding, parting and growing up in the movie, restoring everyone The beauty in your heart.

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The unique voices of the four actors Zhou Dongyu, Liu Haoran, Mei Ting, and Yuan Hong interpret the loneliness and longing waiting for the protagonist. Together with the affectionate lyrics and moving melody, they together portray a poignant and romantic love story. In the MV, the shapes of Zhou Dongyu, Liu Haoran, Mei Ting, and Yuan Hong have a sense of age and story. They are dressed in floral short skirts, plaid shirts, flared pants and other retro fashion items. They are modern and exquisite. The shape perfectly fits the trend of the 90s.


  Interpreting the poignant love and resonating the MV, then reveals the plot details

“The Flame on the Plain” tells the story of Zhuang Shu, who grew up as a criminal police officer. When investigating a taxi murder case, he accidentally discovered that the former childhood sweetheart Li Fei was also involved. Layers of exploration have solved the dusty past eight years ago. . The MV uses the melody of the narrated melody to connect with the scenes of the movie, drawing the audience into the scene of the movie. In the intense performance and passionate singing of the actors, the MV captures the audience’s pain points, and slowly sings the reality. The cruelty of life, the helplessness of fate, the loneliness of the characters and the emotions that cannot be loved.


At the same time, the MV also exposed more plot details in the movie. Zhuang Shu asked Li Fei, his childhood sweetheart, to “don’t go to the south.” What is Li Fei’s struggle? Li Fei asked the teacher Fu Dongxin (played by Mei Ting), “Why do adults always have different opinions?” What are the unspeakable stories of the previous generation? Each suspense makes the audience look forward to the plot of the movie more.

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The film “The Flame on the Plain” is produced by Diao Yinan and directed by Zhang Ji. The original author of “Moses on the Plain” Shuang Xuetao is the artistic director. It will be screened nationwide on 24th.


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