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The folk horror movie “Five Immortals of the Northeast” is launched today, tearing up the suspense. The appearance of the Five Immortals is believing-China Entertainment Network

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The folk horror movie “Five Immortals of the Northeast” is launched today, tearing up the suspense. The appearance of the Five Immortals is believing-China Entertainment Network
Produced by Zhejiang Huayi Brothers Film Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Huayi Brothers Cultural Development Co., Ltd., Tianjin Rabbit Hole Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., jointly produced by Beijing New Studio Film Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Rabbit Hole Culture and Huayi Brothers Films The announced folk thriller and suspense movie “Five Immortals of Northeast China” premiered on the whole network today. A strange story that took place in a remote mountain village in the northeast is officially unfolding, and the secret of the Five Immortals and the truth behind them will be revealed soon.

  The Legend of the Five Immortals “sweeping everything in one go” is addictive, high-energy thriller, and frightening in one go

The five immortals in Chinese folklore, “Fox Huang Bai Liu Hui” refer to foxes, weasels, hedgehogs, snakes and mice. People in Northeast China believe in the Five Immortals. Disrespect will lead to disasters, ranging from ruining one’s family property to dementia and death. The legend of the Five Immortals is often accompanied by many appalling unsolved unsolved cases, so it has become a “treasure” theme for thriller and suspense movies. “Five Immortals of the Northeast” is eclectic, extracting and extending the most exciting parts of the legends of the five immortals. By breaking the usual narrative method, it shows the strangeness of the five immortals one by one with short, concise and suspenseful stories, which greatly satisfies the audience. It not only arouses the audience’s curiosity, but also enriches the viewability and integrity of the film.

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The folk thriller

In the film, the unscrupulous Sun Xingwen insists on exterminating rats by cruel means, which incurs revenge from the Gray Fairy. The rats devoured the nails of the youngest daughter of the Sun family, and turned into a human form to look like real ones. The rats besieged Sun Xingwen. The scene was terrible, and Sun was dying. For a while, the legend of the Five Immortals was rampant, and Ding Laifu of the Sun family took advantage of the opportunity to bring up the legend of the weasel robbing the relatives: Feng’s family held a funeral in the middle of the night, but met Huang Xian got married on a mountain trail, and the funeral turned into a happy event, which frightened everyone. The weasel turned into a man with a terrifying appearance, a melon cap with a colorless face, and a thin and sharp voice like a wandering spirit. The wife of the Feng family screamed out of her wits, and the whereabouts of both husband and wife were unknown, which made people shudder. In the mountains, there are charming fox monsters casting spells to confuse passers-by, setting up the illusion of “ghosts hitting the wall”, big snakes swallowing blood, white immortals secretly claiming their lives and other strange things. The story of the Five Immortals is full of suspense and high energy, and it is very enjoyable to read it in one go. And there is a coherent clue hidden in the stories of the five immortals that seem to be independent of each other. Are the demons causing harm to people? Or does the person who suffered the misfortune have some ulterior secrets? You might as well go to the movie to find the answer yourself.

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The folk thriller movie

  Wang Lidan niobium turned into a fox demon and staged a performance of Vertigo, which is both true and false and tortures human nature

In the ultimate poster exposed this time, the ghostly fox played by Wang Lidanniob is aloof, and the people under him have been hooked out of their souls, like zombies. In the film, the story of the fox fairy is the most brilliant and impressive. The fox is good at charming people, so there is the term “humei”. Wang Li Danniob’s beautiful and outstanding appearance and hot figure perfectly interpret what is meant by captivating charm. At the same time, she also perfectly interprets the vicious disdain of the fox demon in the face of the daring maniac. In the process of watching the film, it is difficult for the audience not to be attracted by Wang Li Danniob and fall into the ecstasy involuntarily, but at the same time they are afraid, especially at the moment when the real body of the nine-tailed fox is revealed, the visual impact is extremely strong.

The folk thriller movie

In addition to Wang Li Danniob’s passionate performance, the film also joins the “veteran drama” Wang Kuirong and Fan Lei, who has recently received attention for the drama “Who Is He”, and they play the role of old Baitai and Sun Xingwen, respectively. Lao Baita is in awe of all things and animism, sticks to the bottom line, and after witnessing successive tragedies and disasters, he has become more aware of human nature. He is like a guide, leading the audience to uncover the truth in the fog. A bit struggling and a bit helpless, under Wang Kuirong’s vicissitudes of life performance, it is even more touching. As for Sun Dazhuan who was tortured and killed by the gray fairy, Fan Lei’s performance is also very brilliant, with a bad face that makes people hate, and there is no trace of the past role at all. In addition, with the support of many outstanding actors such as An Zehao, Xiao Songyuan, Zima Yuyi, He Qiwei, Cui Yongxuan, Wang Lidanniob, Lu Shun, Wang Fei, etc., each character is shaped with fullness and personality, making the Legend of the Five Immortals Very lively and exciting. True and false illusions and layers of exploration, when the truth is finally revealed, facing the loss of human nature, it is inevitable that it will be embarrassing.

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The folk thriller movie

The film “Five Immortals of the Northeast” is produced by Wang Zhonglei and Li Kun, co-produced by Yin Xingliang, chief producer by Hu Junyi, producer and chief planner by Li Chen, directed by Li Yadong, written by Lou Yan, Wang Kuirong, An Zehao, Fan Starring Lei, Xiao Songyuan, Zi Ma Yuyi, He Qiwei, Cui Yongxuan, Wang Lidanni, Lu Shun, Wang Fei, etc., the film is currently being broadcast on the entire network, let’s reveal the legend of the Five Immortals together!

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