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The full lineup of the online drama “Guess Who I Am” draws attention

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  Original title: The full lineup of the online drama “Guess who I am” is exposed and the plot attracts attention

Recently, the suspenseful romantic light comedy “Guess Who I Am” jointly produced by Youku and Shending Frame officially announced the starring lineup for the first time and exposed a set of stills. In the first exposure of the stills, the starring lineup’s appearance and acting skills are both online, which is highly anticipated. The play is directed by Zhong Qing, Zhou Zhaozhong and Zhang Yu are the chief producers, Liu Jichen and Lou Yue are the producers, Zhang Yuxi and Wang Ziqi are the leading actors, and Ke Naiyu, Han Donglin, Wang Jiayin, Liu Zhehui and Wang Qianguo are co-starring, and Mo Xiaoqi, Zheng Yu is a special star, He Peng is a special guest star, Yang Chaoran, Li Jingmu, Jiang Peng, and Liu Chan are starring. “Guess Who I Am” tells the story of “Electric Eye Charming Girl” Song Yao and “Amnesia Vengeance Man” Qin Hao.

  Zhang Yuxi and Wang Ziqi’s first collaboration, high-value new plot attracts heated discussions

In the play, popular actor Zhang Yuxi plays Song Yao, a “glamour girl with electric eyes” who has “average appearance” and “average figure” but has a peculiar physique. She assembled other small partners to “remove scumbags” for the society. And the actor Qin Hao is played by Wang Ziqi, a powerful young man born in the 1995s. What kind of cremation will happen when two actors with coexistence of strength and good looks work together, which has aroused the expectations of many netizens.

It is worth mentioning that the drama has also put a lot of effort into the plot. In addition to love elements in the play, a large number of suspenseful elements are added, which makes the overall rhythm of the play moderate, such as the “mutual suspicion” relationship between Song Yao and Qin Hao in the play, the life experience of the hero Qin Hao and the process of revenge. The friction generated by many characters reveals an eye-catching atmosphere of suspense.

  The fusion of fashion, fantasy and innovation, the gold medal team creates a popular online drama

It is reported that Zhong Qing, the director of Guess Who I am, has directed excellent film and television works such as “Provoking Your Highness Leng”, “99 Points Girlfriend” and “Accidentally Picking Up Love”. This time, the director has also put a lot of effort into the suspenseful plot, making the characteristics of each character very distinct, and the plot is very three-dimensional and full, making the entire plot line more exciting. For the character modeling, the crew also invited Mr. Huang Wei, an industry celebrity, to serve as the modeling director of the play, perfectly presenting the character and personality of each character in the play in different shapes. It is worth noting that in order to match the plot, Song Yao will have many different “exclusive looks”. For these shapes, the director and teacher Huang Wei also took great pains to customize each scene professionally. What is the different shape, but also made the majority of netizens full of expectations.

The online drama “Guess Who I Am” is over halfway through and will be broadcast exclusively on Youku. Let’s look forward to more surprises from this drama!


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