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The Golden Age of British Painting Exhibition debuts at Anhui Museum

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“The Golden Age of British Painting” Exhibition Opens at Anhui Museum

September 22, [City Name] – A groundbreaking exhibition titled “From Turner to Leiden – The Golden Age of British Painting,” jointly sponsored by the Anhui Museum and the National Museum of Liverpool, has opened its doors at the Anhui Museum. This exhibition marks the first large-scale showcase of authentic Western oil paintings in Anhui. With a collection of 66 paintings by 59 influential masters, including Turner, Millais, Leiden, and Alma-Tadema, it presents a comprehensive view of British art in the 19th century.

The rich tradition of British paintings, housed by the National Museum-Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, stretches back to the early 17th century. The establishment of the Royal Academy of Painting in the mid-18th century signified a new era for British art. With the onset of the 19th century, social changes brought new vigor to the art scene. The industrial revolution and technological advancements played a significant role in shaping the ideologies, living environments, painting themes, and expression forms for British painters during this golden age. The period witnessed the rise of various artistic schools and the emergence of numerous renowned artists, who left an indelible mark on British local art and mainstream European painting at the time.

The exhibition, divided into two sections – “Dream and Reality” and “Rebellion and Aestheticism,” covers a wide array of art schools, including Romanticism, Pre-Raphaelite, Aestheticism, Classicism, and Symbolism. Displaying selected treasures from the Walker Art Gallery, Sudley Museum, and Lady Lever Art Museum under the National Museum of Liverpool, this exhibition offers art enthusiasts a rare opportunity to witness masterpieces by famous Western artists up close. Works by Turner, Rossetti, Alma-Tadema, and Leiden take center stage, allowing visitors to gain insights into various aspects of British society during the 19th century and experience the contrasting realities depicted by Dickens in “the best of times, the worst of times.”

“The Golden Age of British Painting” is set to captivate art lovers from all walks of life. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in the grandeur of 19th-century British art. Visit the Anhui Museum to explore this awe-inspiring exhibition, which promises to be a visual treat for all visitors.

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– By Li Pengfei, Reporter Fu Xiuyun

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