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“The good stars”, a film that knows how to excite

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“The good stars”, a film that knows how to excite

A director who always manages to excite: Hirokazu Kore-Eda returns to our cinemas with his latest film, “The good stars – Broker”, another important piece of his rich filmography. After the magnificent “A family affair” and the touching French film “The truths”, the Japanese author lands in South Korea for a new production made far from Japan.

The film opens showing a troubled young mother who decides to abandon her baby. Instead of being welcomed by social workers, the child will be smuggled into custody by two who boast that they want to find the best family for him to grow up in. Meanwhile, two detectives have long been on their trail.

Well shot and thanks to an excellent writing of the characters, this feature film manages to involve thanks to a series of sequences with a high emotional rate, capable of shaking especially in a second part that is definitely growing compared to the first. to fuel, but once the narration is engaged in the best possible way – centered on an atypical road movie – it is increasingly effective, so much so that it also gives a series of interesting reflections and good ideas to think about at the end of the vision.

A new variation on the family theme. It can be defined “The good stars – Broker” as the umpteenth variation on the theme dearest to the author: the family. Also in this case Kore-Eda shows an improvised family unit only in appearance, in which there are few blood ties , but there are many relating to a strong human connection aimed at building together a possible common destiny.

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“The good stars” and the other films of the week

“The good stars” and the other films of the week

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“A family business”

As in films of the caliber of “Father and Son” or the aforementioned “A family affair”, the Japanese author is interested in reflecting on the relationship between biological parents and adoptive parents, as well as on that between adults and children, giving life to a product that deals with these complex themes in a delicate and elegant way, without ever resorting to rhetoric or crafty loopholes. Bong Joon-ho) who, thanks to this interpretation, raised the award for best actor at the last Cannes Film Festival.

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