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The Government confirmed a bonus of $70,000 in March for retirees who earn the minimum

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The Government confirmed a bonus of $70,000 in March for retirees who earn the minimum

After the meeting he held this Wednesday with Gita Gopinath, the deputy director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Luis Caputoestimated that February inflation will be below 15% and confirmed that government will pay in March a bonus of 70 thousand pesos for retirees who receive the minimum salarieswith which the minimum will be close to $206 thousand.

“The bonus is going to increase another 30%, it was $55,000 and it will remain at $70,000. With this increase, the minimum retirement will remain at $205,000“said the Minister of Economy.

“If things went well we said it was going to be a tough year, things are improving more than expected and we believe that in the last quarter of the year there will be a recovery“said the portfolio holder.

Regarding this month’s inflation estimates, Luis Caputo He said that he expects February to “close with less than 15%, and for the first semester in single digits.”

Retirees who receive the minimum salaries will receive a bonus of 70 thousand pesos in March.

On the other hand, the official of the ruling party discredited the railway strikewhich he defined as “a strange, political strike, a single union decided to strike even when there was dialogue.”

“Everyone woke up now. I think people realize it, because it’s too obvious. The majority of the country voted for change and There are other people who are going to work so that there is no change“said Luis Caputo, in an interview given in TN.

Milei will meet with Blinken at the Casa Rosada and then travel to the US to promote the “chainsaw” at a Trump conference

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The president always said it was going to be hard, if one could get out of so many decades of disaster in two months, it would be easy. “We are doing everything possible to make this transition as least burdensome, the alternative was hyperinflation,” he noted.

Caputo said that “all eyes in the world are on Argentina and that many people are asking to come and invest in Argentina“.

Javier Milei and Luis Caputo.

“We have a president who is a pole of attraction in Argentina”Caputo highlighted, and mentioned energy and mining companies. “Milei is a person who is setting an agenda that generates impressive interest, my admiration for the president is total,” the minister warned.

Caputo said that the IMF is “more than impressed by what Argentina is doing” and said that it is “more than the Fund would have asked for.”

He also noted that the organization is “open to exploring a new agreement to see if there is something better we can do for Argentines.”

“If it is a better agreement that involves more disbursements, the better”Caputo emphasized.

Regarding the school basket, he said that Aid for the middle class is being analyzed that will be implemented through the ANSES.

Blender effect: what implications does it have on public spending and how did it affect retirements?

Criticism of Juan Grabois

“Today we found out that Juan Grabois, who was a presidential candidate for Kirchnerism, managed $500,000 million”Caputo said in reference to the Fund for Socio-Urban Integration (FISU) which was administered by leaders linked to the social reference.

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In that sense, the minister bowed to the head of state’s criticism against what he called the “black boxes of politics” and objected that the previous administration had given control of said funds to the leader.

“It was bad like all trusts. Why do there have to be boxes that people don’t control,” Caputo criticized and protested that it was “a lot of money outside the State.”


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