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The Grapes Awaken: Chinese Fine Wines Take the Spotlight at Venice Film Festival

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The Grapes Awaken: Chinese Fine Wines Take the Spotlight at Venice Film Festival

Chinese Wine Industry Takes Center Stage at Venice Film Festival

Venice, Italy – The rise of China’s wine industry has captured global attention at the Venice Film Festival, with the screening of the Chinese wine-themed movie “Waking the Sleeping Grape.” The film, titled “The Grapes of Awakening,” showcases the remarkable growth of China’s fine wine industry, shedding light on Chinese wines that are relatively unknown in the international market.

“The Grape Awakening” captivates audiences with its unique narrative perspective and stunning visuals of various production areas. The movie tells the stories of Chinese winery entrepreneurs and winemakers who work tirelessly to create exceptional Chinese wines. Despite the challenges they face, their passion and determination shine through, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Adding to the allure of the film festival, Song Yan, owner of Longting Winery, presented Longting fine wine, bringing a distinct Chinese flavor to the event. The endeavor aims to introduce Chinese quality to global taste buds, showcase the excellent quality of Chinese wine, and highlight the industry’s rapid growth.

China’s rise in fine wines has garnered significant attention in the global market. Chinese wine entrepreneurs have worked tirelessly to establish their brands domestically and abroad. With their unique terroir and high quality, Chinese wines have gained popularity among hotels, restaurants, and wine enthusiasts worldwide. Wine acts as a cultural ambassador, bridging cultures and promoting exchanges across the globe.

Longting Winery exemplifies China’s flourishing boutique wineries, starting from a barren slope and fulfilling the dream of a green pastoral landscape. The winery’s core principles of respecting nature, embracing craftsmanship, enjoying life, and inheriting beauty are embodied in its “Chinese-style,” ultra-organic, world-class boutique wines. Longting Winery has garnered numerous accolades, including being recognized as a high-quality demonstration garden for five consecutive years and being named one of the top ten Chinese boutique wineries twice.

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Following the screening of the film, international audiences praised “The Grapes Awakened” for realistically and touchingly presenting the Chinese wine industry. The film shattered stereotypes associated with Chinese wine in the international market, fostering confidence and anticipation for the industry’s future.

A roundtable forum titled “Focus on China” took place after the movie screening, hosted by Mr. Roberto Stabile, Director of International Relations at the Italian Radio, Film, and Television Directorate. Guests, including industry professionals like Andrea Canapa (Linking Ideas People and Projects CEO) and Giancarlo di Gregorio (Cinecitta’ Head of Media and Communications), attended the forum to discuss the Chinese wine industry and its global impact.

To celebrate the occasion, a VIP dinner combining Chinese wine and Italian cuisine was held. Ms. Song Yan, the only Chinese winery owner present, shared the concept of Longting wine with the attendees, expressing her pride in presenting excellent Chinese wines to the world. Italian guests were impressed by the rapid improvement in the quality of Chinese wines and expressed their curiosity about the process behind it.

The Venice Film Festival has served as an important platform for film and television exchanges between China and foreign countries. Through the unique combination of film and wine, China’s cultural charm and quality beauty are showcased, allowing the world to gain a deeper understanding of the country’s unique style and creativity. As China continues to make its mark on the global stage, its film and wine industries play a significant role in highlighting its cultural significance and artistic achievements.

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