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The guide / 3 The choice of the camper: the Mansardato

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The guide / 3 The choice of the camper: the Mansardato

After van or van and semi-integrated or low profile, our journey continues in the camper and caravan sector to provide users with simple indications to facilitate the choice of the model best suited to their needs. In the third appointment we take into consideration the attic camper, which already from the name evokes feelings of a more spacious environment with an “attic”. In the attic the “master” bedroom area is created with a comfortable double bed which therefore leaves much more space for the builders to build the other areas of the living area. The overcabs, up to the arrival of the more practical semi-integrated and van, represent the most widespread category on the Italian market also because they can easily accommodate large families or up to 6-7 people on board with all the comforts. The upper compartment, that is the attic, overlooks the driver’s cabin and if on the one hand it expands the availability of space, on the other hand it inevitably raises the height of the vehicle (it can exceed 3 meters, so be careful in the passages under the bridges …) at the expense of consumption and handling. The positive side is that the attic has a very large living area with the classic or double dinette, an “eat-in” kitchen, a complete bathroom with elbow-proof shower, and other beds in the rear area with a garage underneath. sometimes it can be accessed easily from the inside by lifting the bed.

The choice of these models on our market is still quite wide and, as for the semi-integral, among the cheapest proposals we find that of the Rimor with the Hygge 7 version built on a Renault Master T35 base for a length of 6.81 meters and a height of 3.06. Six beds available and a list price of 45,339 euros. Low price also for the Challenger C 194, set up on a Ford Transit 350 base, 5.99 meters long and 3.10 meters high, which in the face of a shorter length offers four beds and is proposed for 51,790 euros. Going up a little in price we find the Laika Kosmo F510 with attic with double front porthole, built on a Fiat ducato 35 base, dimensions of 7.25 x 3.14 meters, four beds, for sale at 68,111 euros. The top of the range of Dethleffs Alpa overcabs is the Plus A 9820-2 model, with double rear axle fitted on the Iveco Daily base and offering plenty of space thanks to a length of 8.86 meters and a height of 3.45. It is a real home on six wheels with four standard beds, separate shower cubicle, all the comforts and luxury finishes. The list price is in line with the high level of the proposal, 184,850 euros.

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