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The humanistic film “The Architect” with hidden philosophical mysteries premiered in Taizhou, Jiangsu

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At 7 pm on June 2, 2021, the film “The Architect” will premiere in Taizhou, Jiangsu. Lu Peimin, chairman of the CPPCC, Shen Minggang, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress, and heads of some departments in Taizhou attended the premiere. Hou Yong, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles and chairman of the Provincial Film Association, and Guo Xiaowei, executive vice chairman of the Provincial Film Association, attended the event. Director Ding Wenjian, the producer of the film and the famous director Tian Zhuangzhuang, producer Qin Zhaoliang, actor Han Li, starring Liu Zhi, photographer He Shan, recording director Qi Siming, etc. attended the premiere. Special guest, Marco Muller, chairman of the two Venice International Film Festivals and known by the media as “promoting Chinese films to the world‘s number one”, visited the scene in person to meet with the media and audiences, bringing surprises to the majority of movie fans.

Before the screening of the film, Pang Yuliang, the chairman of the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the chairman of the Municipal Writers Association, and the famous writer, gave a speech of extremely literary nature. He said: “This night is destined to be a boiling summer in the history of the development of Taizhou’s literature and art, because of the masterpiece “The Architect” by Ding Wenjian, chairman of our Taizhou Filmmakers Association. First of all, I would like to express my congratulations on behalf of the Taizhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles. Three years ago One night, I saw a new look in “The Architect”. On that night, I saw Ding Wenjian with the perseverance of Tang Seng taking the scriptures. Tang Seng has gone through ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties in studying the scriptures, but Ding Wenjian has experienced more than eighty-one difficulties. , I finally succeeded in learning today. Camus said: In the middle of winter, I finally know that I have an invincible summer. The release of today’s film proves that there is an invincible summer in Ding Wenjian. I believe that he has an invincible summer. There will be countless invincible summers in the future. Ding Wenjian has used light and shadow to become a spiritual architect. Thank Ding Wenjian for bringing Taizhou film into a new era. I believe Ding Wenjian and Taizhou film will go further and higher. .”

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Hou Yong, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, chairman of the Provincial Film Association, and famous actor, delivered a speech: “Director Ding Wenjian’s persistence, understanding and love for movies touched me. As an actor, I can participate in Chinese movies, Jiangsu movies, and Taizhou movies. I feel very happy because of the strength. I wish “The Architect” a big box office.”

Mr. Marco Muller gave everyone a pre-screening interpretation: “Today I saw a movie poster in the hotel lobby with half a brick on it. How many directors can shoot inanimate objects? You watched in silence before. A brick, a wall, but after watching this movie, they will definitely talk to you from tomorrow. At the 2019 Pingyao International Film Festival, the movie will be the most popular shortlisted film in the premiere unit for its world premiere. This This movie is very amazing. There are four protagonists, the male and female protagonists, the old father, and the other is the old house. I have full confidence in this movie.”

Tian Zhuangzhuang, a well-known director, godfather of Chinese-language literary and artistic films, and producer of the film, delivered a speech. He said: “When Ding Wenjian and I first met, he said that he had three wishes: build a building, write a book, and make a movie. Now that all three wishes have come true, congratulations to him. This time I came here. Taizhou has a particularly strong nostalgia, and Taizhou people are proud of their hometown. This makes me very touched. Only with strong emotions can I make a strong emotional movie. This movie transcends the state of reality and presents it. The real relationship between people and buildings. Before the filming, I was worried about not being able to show it, but after the filming, I was very at ease. This is a good movie.”

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The movie “The Architect” tells the story of the protagonist Wen Xin (played by Han Li) after returning to his hometown and met his old lover Li Mei (played by Wu Kexi). An indelible mark was left on the former teenager, and Wen Xin, who returned home due to the burial of his mother’s ashes, is facing a new dilemma in the relationship with his father.

The film creation lineup is strong. Producer Tian Zhuangzhuang is a leading figure in the fifth generation of directors in China, known as the “beacon of young Chinese filmmakers”, director and screenwriter Ding Wenjian, the film “My Shadow Is Running”, which was once a producer, won the Golden Rooster Award and the Huabiao Award , “The Architect” is the first full-length work written and directed by him. Chen Kunhou, one of the three founders of Taiwan’s new film movement and the winner of several Golden Horse Awards, served as the art consultant of the film. In addition, the music director HoweiB and the photography director He Mountain, recording director Qi Siming, editor Xiao Ruguan, actor Han Li, and heroine Wu Kexi are all leaders in their fields.

The film was nominated for the most popular film in the premiere unit of the 3rd Pingyao Film Festival, was selected into the 15th China Changchun Film Festival Women’s Film Festival unit, and nominated for the best director of the 3rd Chongqing Pioneer Film Art Exhibition.

In recent years, urban construction and the transformation of the old city have been hotly discussed topics, and the passing first love complex and introverted and implicit Chinese family affection are also eternal topics in film and television works. “The Architect” will surely bring a lot of emotions and deep thoughts to the audience.

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