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The Immersive Archaeological Museum of Acqui Terme: with 3D models for the blind

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ACQUI TERME. Places of culture and sport, public buildings, streets and squares. In Acqui, the path to make the city more inclusive, welcoming and sustainable for the disabled continues.

After having made the first plastic copies of some finds from the archaeological museum with its own funds, to make them usable by the blind and visually impaired, Palazzo Levi is preparing to strengthen the initiative thanks to a regional contribution of 16,400 euros that the Municipality has managed to be awarded together with 26 other Piedmontese museums precisely for interventions of this type.

«In this way we will be able to integrate the audio and tactile path already created, which includes copies of the finds in 3D, tactile maps and more accessible spaces with audio guides for an immersive experience – explain the Municipality -. The museum structure will allow you to experience the three-dimensional print reconstructions of some of the finds in a tactile way. The models, printed in Plaque, are combined with an audio description via Qr code, which will explain the find by describing its function and the use for which it was made ».

About twenty new copies will be added to the existing ones, together with new information panels and guided tours. «I believe that the use of museums is an important element for the cultural formation of a person: for this reason it is essential that temporary or permanent disabilities are not an element of exclusion or obstacle» comments the mayor Lorenzo Lucchini.

And if, on the one hand, the census of architectural barriers entrusted to the architect Roberta Bruno continues (already several inspections in the city, starting from public buildings), on the other hand they begin to reap the fruits of the summer Aquilympics.

Today 4 December and tomorrow Acqui will host a training course for aquatic operators, ie educators, instructors, assistants, directors of bathing establishments who want to take care of the disabled who frequent beaches and swimming pools. It is organized by Hsa Italia, the national section of one of the most important associations in the sector, with the patronage of the Municipality: theoretical lessons at the former Kaimano, practices at the swimming pool of the Virtus center in Visone.

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