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The Integration of Skills and Plot: Exploring the Creation of Acrobatic Dramas

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The Creation of Acrobatic Dramas Must Achieve the Integration of Skills and Plot

By Jiang Xuezhen, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Shanghai Acrobatics Association

In an exclusive interview with the Shanghai Acrobatics Association, Vice Chairman and Secretary General Jiang Xuezhen emphasized the importance of integrating acrobatic skills and plot in the creation of acrobatic dramas. According to Jiang, the essence of acrobatics should be at the forefront of the creation process, aiming to achieve a perfect stage presentation that integrates subject matter into acrobatic skills, innovates performance vocabulary, and ultimately forms a performance with both ideological and artistic value.

Jiang highlighted the rich cultural heritage of acrobatics, which carries China’s profound culture and embodies outstanding qualities such as kindness, diligence, and tenacity. He expressed pride in the evolution of acrobatics, as it has actively moved closer to modern and contemporary art in recent years, transcending its original form and broadening its performance space with creativity and aesthetics.

The discussion also touched on the emergence of acrobatic dramas in the past two decades, with productions such as “Swan Lake,” “The Nutcracker,” and “Battle of Shanghai” marking significant milestones in the transformation and innovation of Chinese acrobatic art. These productions have paved the way for a new comprehensive stage art style called acrobatic drama, creating a regular and followable path of inheritance and innovation for the art form.

The interview delved into the challenges of creating acrobatic dramas, highlighting the unique nature of acrobatics as an art form that communicates without spoken dialogue. Jiang emphasized the need for concise and clear drama structures, efficient directorial techniques, and a seamless integration of technical programs and dramatic performances to overcome this challenge.

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Jiang’s insights shed light on the extensive and arduous creative process behind the development of acrobatic dramas, which involves extensive planning, coordination, and the integration of multiple artistic elements. He also stressed the need to establish theoretical frameworks and aesthetic standards to ensure the healthy development of acrobatic drama in the future.

In conclusion, the interview with Jiang Xuezhen provided valuable insights into the creative process and artistic significance of acrobatic dramas, showcasing the evolution and innovation of Chinese acrobatic art in the contemporary era.

For more news and updates on the art world, visit the Shanghai Acrobatics Association’s website.

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