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The Internet platform has another problem. The reporter measured that it is difficult to refund after recharge at station B, NetEase Cloud Music, etc.-Peninsula.com

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Original title: The Internet platform is experiencing stubborn illness again, and the reporter has measured that it is difficult to refund after recharging at station B, NetEase Cloud Music, etc.

The Internet platform has become ill again. Recently, according to CCTV reports, it is difficult for consumers to apply for a refund after recharging virtual coins. Platforms such as Zhihu and QQ Music do not refund but only return coins. A reporter from China Business Daily found that, in fact, in recent years, the situation of non-refundable only returning currency on online platforms has repeatedly appeared, and it has gradually become a hot spot for complaints. Some experts told reporters that consumers can legally protect their rights if the platform refuses to refund or is suspected of compulsory consumption.

Non-refundable, only return currency becomes a stubborn disease

According to a CCTV report, in order to ask the “answerer” on the platform to answer their own questions, consumers recharged 100 yuan to buy “Zhihu Coin” on the Zhihu network platform. However, when the invited respondent did not answer and the consumer contacted the customer service and wanted a refund, he was told that he could only return Zhihucoin.

According to the above report, the so-called “coins” of these online platforms are actually platform points, which cannot be used for cashing or circulation, let alone currency. These “coins” can often only be used within the platform, and some are even restricted when purchasing goods on the same platform. However, when consumers choose to apply for a refund, the customer uses the agreement and other excuses to replace the refund with currency. A CCTV reporter’s investigation found that consumers have regulations on the “virtual currency” of many online platforms including Bilibili (hereinafter referred to as station B). The platform claims that it does not support refunds or restrictions, which is why it is difficult for consumers to refund. .

In fact, the issue of non-refund and only return currency has been reported frequently before. According to media investigations, this type of issue has become a hot spot for complaints, and complaints involve well-known online platforms such as Zhihu, Station B, Xiaohongshu, and QQ Music. In 2019, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission conducted consumer experience on 28 online platforms that were recharged in the form of purchasing non-game virtual currency. Of these, 15 platforms were unable to refund, and 7 promised to refund after communication with the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission. 6 Refunds are available after communication between home and customer service. In addition, online education platforms were once a “severe disaster zone”, and the problem of refusal to withdraw cash on the grounds of recharging virtual currency is more common.

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On Sina’s complaint platform Black Cat Complaint, the reporter also saw a number of complaints about the difficulty of refunds after recharging on the platform, involving multiple types of apps such as video platforms, live broadcasting platforms, and online shopping platforms. The complaints mainly focused on refunds after recharging. If it is difficult or without the knowledge of the consumer, the refund will be directly returned in the form of virtual currency.

The reporter also asked the company to verify whether there is a solution to the above-mentioned problems. An insider close to Zhihu told reporters that Zhihucoin does not have a withdrawal button. This is because Apple’s iOS system does not open a refund entry for merchants, so merchants on various platforms have no way to support the original return. They can only consult customer service. Customer service will guide consumers through the specific refund process. The CCTV report mentioned that Zhihu users, Zhihu Xiaoguanjia has contacted to arrange a refund. Platforms such as Station B and QQ Music did not respond to this matter.

The reporter measured that some platforms are still difficult to refund

Through sorting out, it can be found that the problem of platform refunds or refunds only has existed a few years ago, so have the above platforms upgraded and rectified this problem? The reporter also selected several platforms for actual testing.

The reporter found on the Zhihu platform that consumers can recharge two virtual currencies, Zhihu Coin and Salt Particles. The former is mainly used for Zhihu users to purchase products and services on the platform, and the latter is a dedicated virtual product of the Zhihu live broadcast platform. , Used to redeem virtual gifts and value-added services on the live broadcast platform. The difference is that in the recharge instructions of Zhihu Coin, if the user requests a refund and Zhihu agrees to the refund, the refund will be returned to the Zhihu Coin account. If the refund is processed, a private message to Zhihu Manager is required, and the salt granule However, the purchase service agreement stipulates that there is no refund or reverse exchange service.

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After the reporter spent 6 yuan to top up 6 Zhihu coins, no obvious refund entry was found on the recharge page. After that, the reporter privately wrote to the Zhihu butler and asked about the refund after the recharge. The customer service said that the refund needs Apple Customer service will assist in processing. If you need a refund, you need to contact Apple customer service.

At station B, the reporter wanted to recharge the virtual currency “B currency” and found that there are also provisions in the B currency usage rules. B currency is a virtual commodity, and B currency purchased does not support refunds. After the reporter recharged 6 yuan and asked the customer service whether to refund, the customer service said that the B currency that has been recharged is not refundable.

On the NetEase Cloud Music platform, after the reporter recharged and purchased a digital album, there was still a balance in the wallet, but when the reporter asked the customer service how to refund, the customer service said that the change balance in the NetEase Cloud Music wallet cannot be refunded or converted Into other forms of currency. And under the iOS system, recharge is limited to the specified price for Apple mobile phones, and the minimum recharge level is 18 yuan, while the price of digital albums ranges from 2 yuan to 25 yuan.

Platform behavior or suspected of compulsory consumption

After combing, we can find that although it has been repeatedly exposed, some current Internet platforms still have difficulties in refunding after recharging or only refunding virtual currency instead of cash. Many consumers also told reporters that they have encountered the problem of difficulty in refunding after recharging when using the App, but because the amount is not large, they have not been investigated too much.

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The above-mentioned behavior of the Internet platform obviously violated the rights and interests of consumers. The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission previously stated that the ownership of the funds that consumers recharge in their own accounts on the online platform belongs to the consumers, so the platform should protect the consumers’ right to refund and must not make use of standard terms to make unfair regulations for consumers. At the same time, the online platform should ensure the convenience and speed of consumer refunds. The design of the entrance and route thresholds for consumer refunds should not be higher than the entrance and route thresholds when consumers recharge. The platform must not use some technical methods and commercial routines for consumers. Refunds set barriers.

Tao Ailian, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Committee, said that the popularization of the “Internet +” sales model has brought convenience to consumers’ lives, but many platforms often require consumers to prepay funds to enjoy services, which has brought a lot of funds. Once the platform goes bankrupt, consumers’ right to know, fair transaction rights and the right to claim compensation will be harmed.

Li Weimin, director of Beijing Weibo Law Firm, said that the behavior of the business infringed the rights of consumers to know, choose, fair transaction, and claim. The “Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China” stipulates that when consumers purchase goods or receive services, they have the right to obtain fair transaction conditions such as quality assurance, reasonable prices, and correct measurement, and the right to refuse compulsory transactions by operators. If they want to defend their rights, consumers can choose to file a complaint with 12315 and have the right to file a civil lawsuit in the court.


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