Home Entertainment The Japanese and Korean style swept my country’s ancient costume drama, and the thing I was worried about finally came._Culture_What_China

The Japanese and Korean style swept my country’s ancient costume drama, and the thing I was worried about finally came._Culture_What_China

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The Japanese and Korean style swept my country’s ancient costume drama, and the thing I was worried about finally came._Culture_What_China

Original title: The Japanese and Korean style swept through my country’s ancient costume dramas, and the thing I was worried about finally came

The Japanese and Korean style swept the Chinese costume drama, and what I was worried about finally came; there are anti-Japanese dramas, and there are also Japanese and Korean costume dramas swept away. Where should China‘s cultural dissemination go?

The poison textbook has not been resolved, and then, the poison film and television came again. These two most important cultural communication channels have been seriously blocked at present!

What can children do in summer vacation? TV is a very important learning channel! Idol dramas heal people’s hearts, suspense dramas burn the brain, costume dramas convey Chinese culture, and anti-Japanese dramas are designed to keep children from forgetting history. So, every movie has its meaning! What value and potential spirit will this drama convey to the society!

During the summer vacation, many dramas are fairy fights. “I Am Liu Jinfeng”, which is currently being broadcast, was called off due to its strong Japanese colors. But it didn’t seem to be banned, and wave after wave of commotion started. The “Bright Star” starring Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi has only been previewed, and careful netizens found that it was also swept away by the Japanese wind!

After a few days of fermentation, the crew seemed to realize that something was wrong, and people retouched the pictures overnight. Let’s compare the difference before and after retouching!

The bow was suddenly cut off. Even so, is it not too late to make amends?

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In recent days, oranges have also been found because of the hot search topic of Japanese instead of Chinese. In fact, our costume dramas have a lot of Japanese and Korean elements.

You said that your previous “Dae Jang Geum” can be played in China. As we all know, this is a Korean drama, and it is also a Korean costume drama, but I don’t know when our costume drama changed its flavor, did it follow the Korean style, or the Korean style also swept our costumes? Are you targeting us now?

Whether it is the hair tied on the top of the head or the style of “Shangshi”, it feels like watching a Korean drama. Is this our costume drama? In our ancient times, for 5,000 years, did people dress like this, did they dress like this? Which dynasty is it? Can the director and screenwriter please explain?

Why do Chinese costume dramas dress like Koreans?

Costume drama, with the ancient charm of Chinese culture as the fundamental purpose, is also for future generations to feel and learn, to relive the elegance of the ancients. As a result, what do you have to do with us, Korean or Japanese?

Costume dramas were swept by Japan and South Korea, and there were still magic dramas during the Anti-Japanese War?

As a film and television drama, the most powerful cultural transmission link, you say, what should children watch in the future, and what should they watch at home during summer vacation? Are you watching cartoons?

I’ve never understood, whether it’s a toxic textbook or a toxic TV show, do you want to say it doesn’t pass the trial? Why are you showing up so blatantly? Can it still appear in the child’s field of vision? What kind of motherland do we want our children to see? Is this the history of our motherland? Is the culture like this?

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