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The Jesus And Mary Chain – Sunset 666

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The Jesus And Mary Chain – Sunset 666

by Oliver on November 29, 2023 in Live Album

Essential for fans: The shoegaze and noise pop pioneers The Jesus and Mary Chain release (shortly before the new comeback Glasgow Eye) with Sunset 666 their third live album.

This combines a semi-summary compilation of two of the six shows The Jesus and Mary Chain in December 2018 as support of the Nine Inch Nails played at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, which in turn played the year after the reunion Damage and Joy but offered a fairly balanced cross-section of the Scots’ entire discography – and on Sometimes Always (as a quasi-replacement for Hope Sandoval) as well Black and Blues Isobel Campbell also appeared as a guest singer.

Input acts Sunset 666 more experienced and calm than really wild and hungry (although this can certainly be partly due to the fact that the loudly cheering audience seems strangely distant and lacking in energy due to the rather spontaneous soundboard recording when it appears in the mix) , a Head On almost sounds a bit like dusty rock’n’roll anachronisms with the handbrake on.

Little by little you get more directly involved in the action; The fuzzy riffs rock like in Amputation with casual coolness, the groove is right – some songs like that The Living End You also press the accelerator pedal a little bit more.
And while a All Things Pass shows off its hit qualities perhaps more than ever, at the latest I Hate Rock’n’Roll there is certainly a hint of excessive behavior beforehand The Jesus and Mary Chain from the (unfortunately too abruptly faded out) highlight Reverence (including his I Wanna Be Your Dog-Bow) on Sunset 666 even come across as really cool. Yes, there’s a mood for it Glasgow Eye on!

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