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The Last of Us?: First case of a human infected by a killer fungus

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The Last of Us?: First case of a human infected by a killer fungus

A 61-year-old man complaining of coughing and excessive fatigue. died of a paratracheal abscess in the neck. According to the surgeons who operated on him, he contracted the fungus what causes disease “the silver blade” en las plants, scientifically known as chondrostereum purpureum.

After suffering from various similar symptoms and difficulty swallowing for three months, a man arrived at Consultant Apollo Multispecialty Hospitals in Kolkata, the capital of India’s West Bengal state.

The results of the scans performed on the patient showed that they had an abscess in the trachea. Without hesitation, the man was taken to surgery where the pus was drained and samples were sent to a laboratory, which revealed that he had contracted chondrosteum crimson.

An extremely resistant and deadly fungus threatens the United States

What is the purple chondrosteum?

It is a fungus that causes silver leaf disease in plants and is transmitted by airborne spores. These spores slowly turn plant leaves a metallic color before slowly killing them.

According to the first tests, it is believed that he was infected while carrying out research as a plant mycologist; which implies working directly with molds, yeasts and fungi.

The solution to “The Last of Us”: they develop a highly effective vaccine against fungi

indian black fungus mucormycosis

The man, who was not identified, had been working with “decaying material, fungi and various plant fungi for a long time,” according to the doctors who treated him.

He Daily Mail reported that the case “raises serious doubts” because it shows that the infection can affect both “healthy people and immunocompromised people”, warned the specialists.

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As published in the journal Medical Mycology Case Reports, doctors at Consultant Apollo Multispecialty Hospitals said the patient came to the hospital complaining of his recurring, hoarseness and fatigue that she had not been able to control for three months.

The man, who had no underlying conditions that put him at risk, had also experienced difficulty swallowing and a sore throat.

A study indicates that a hallucinogenic mushroom could help treat alcoholism

The last of us 20230207
The HBO series The Last of Us, based on a video game, is about a fungus that turns people into zombies.

Assassin Fungus Symptoms

While initial examinations and X-ray scans of the man’s chest came back “normal,” however, CT scan results showed the man had a paratracheal abscess in his neck.

Such abscesses can be fatal if not detected and treated promptly because they can block the airway and lead to life-threatening infections.

It is usually treated with antifungal medications and surgery to drain it.

Once the pus was completely drained and sent to the World Health Organization collaborating center in northern India for analysis, the man was given two courses of antifungal medication over two months.

He ate hallucinogenic mushrooms, mistook a dwarf for a goblin and locked him in the closet

La enfermedad de chondrostereum purpureum

Until now there was no evidence that a particular type of fungus could infect humans.the researchers said. The man was free of the disease two years later, doctors confirmed.

Among the millions of fungi present in the environment, currently only a few hundred fungi can infect humans and animals. “Over the past few decades, multiple new fungal pathogens have emerged,” the scientists said.

Surprising: They claim that fungi talk to each other using 50 words from the human vocabulary

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candida auris fungus

climate crisis

Worsening global warming will also “open Pandora’s Box for newer fungal diseases,” the doctors added.

Rising temperatures in the number of mutations occurring in fungi, which could increase resistance to drugs and better speed them up to survive in the human body.

It comes as US health officials last week issued a warning about the fungus Candida auris, noting that the disease, which can kill up to 60 percent of the people it infects, has tripled in recent years. and has become resistant to multiple drugs.

Two cases of infection by the superfungus ‘Candida auris’ were detected in Buenos Aires

The reality exceeds fiction

Suspicions about the threat posed by fungi were raised due to the hit American television show The Last of us, which has been watched by tens of millions of people around the world.

In that series, people who become infected with a fungus called cordyceps transform into zombies.

as is, the fungus can only infect insects, such as ants. But its effects have been labeled as zombiswith cordyceps growing outside of its host’s body and controlling its behavior.


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