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The latest special edition of “Detective War” released

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The latest special edition of “Detective War” released

The latest special edition of “Detective War” released

2022-07-06 19:03:58Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News The highly anticipated “The Most Vigorous Hong Kong Film in 2022” “The Detective War” has been screened in some cities last weekend, with Tao Piao Piao 9.2 and Maoyan 9.0 scoring high on both platforms, ranking among the annual crime action The first rating of the film shows the high quality of the film. The first batch of audiences praised the drama as “hot, exciting, and tense”, and “Liu Qingyun’s acting skills were once again a god.” The latest action special released today reveals the behind-the-scenes behind the scenes of the difficult shooting of many explosive action scenes, including the Hong Kong Temple Street explosion scene and Liu Qingyun being caught in the rapids.

The movie “Detective War” will be fully released on July 8, which is this Friday. The film was written, directed and supervised by the famous Hong Kong filmmaker Wei Jiahui, supervised by Zhu Shuyi, and joined by many powerful stars such as Liu Qingyun, Cai Zhuoyan, Lin Feng, Li Ruotong, Tan Kai, Chen Jiale, Tang Yi, He Peiyu, and the first batch of viewers said, “So It’s really exciting to have such a good movie during the summer vacation!”

Liu Qingyun bravely ventured into the rapids to shoot water action scenes, and the real shooting made Lin Feng quickly enter the role

The action scenes in “The Detective War” were highly praised by the audience at the time of the screening. In the action special released this time, Director Wei Jiahui said that when shooting “The Great Detective”, he tried to use intensive action to advance the story, so the crew set up a considerable amount of action. What a difficult action scene. He said that the main scene of Temple Street in the film was very difficult to shoot. The production team once strongly discouraged it, but he wanted to try it very much, and finally completed a series of jumping from the roof, shooting in the street, setting off smoke bombs, big explosions, etc. Shots with impact lenses.

When recalling the filming, Liu Qingyun said that he had a scene of hanging Weiya, which seemed to be hanged in the air, but it was actually a scene of saving people underwater, “very fresh, I have never tried it.” In another scene in turbulent water, Liu Qingyun recalled that the speed of the water was very fast at that time, and he felt “washed”. That is, in this scene, Liu Qingyun showed the professionalism of an actor. It is reported that in this scene, in order to ensure that the audience looks authentic and credible on the big screen, Liu Qingyun took the initiative to ask to increase the turbulence of the water flow and constantly perform the state of falling into the water. Strive to present the best effect, so that the action scenes of “Detective War” have been widely praised by the audience.

Of course, Liu Qingyun is not the only one who has a deep memory of the underwater scene in “The Detective War”. Lin Feng also recalled in an interview that in one scene, he and Cai Zhuoyan were walking in the ditch. Things on the water”, this “immersive feeling every time I go to the scene” is enough for him and his partners to quickly enter their roles every time.

“The Great Detective War” was screened and the word of mouth exploded.

The movie “Detective War” tells the story of a criminal gang in the name of “Detective”. They use violence to suppress violence, predict murder, and lynch law enforcement, which has plunged Hong Kong into endless fear. Li Jun (played by Liu Qingyun), a “delusional detective” with mental illness, investigates the case alone, and the serious crime team headed by the “detective couple” Chen Yi (played by Cai Zhuoyan) and Fang Lixin (played by Lin Feng) is also caught in a race against killing the road to hunt. Several “magic detectives” are entangled together, the truth is unknown, and it is difficult to distinguish right from wrong.

After the early screenings were opened in some cities last weekend, “Detective War” quickly exploded the market and gained good reputation from all over the world. The return of Hong Kong films”, the film was also described by film critics as “this is not a popcorn film, this is a big squid beer film, it is a Mao Xuewang Erguotou film!” Some fans even shouted excitedly after watching it, “It’s still a classic Hong Kong film. The taste!” Zhang Jing, a reporter from all media of Xi’an Newspaper Industry

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