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The Lemon Twigs – Everything Harmony

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The Lemon Twigs – Everything Harmony

by Oliver on November 27, 2023 in Album

They finally take it Lemon Twigs – Brian and Michael D’Addario – really serious about paying tribute to old times: the absolutely appropriately titled one Everything Harmony ensures the New Yorkers’ promotion to the next highest indie anachronism league.

The two brothers’ fifth studio album, depending on how you count it, can hardly be tamed, perhaps delves a little too extensively into the past around the 60s and 70s of the last century, and acts as an androgynous potpourri apart from one or two song lengths that are too benevolently embellished (in addition to the… relatively weak Every Day Is the Worst Day of My Lifewhich sets its Elliott Smiths-esque suffering in an East Village environment, the repetition as a motif is consistent, but also annoying) but in a kind of versatile display there is little wrong, the stylistic presentation changes in a homogeneous anachronism from one catchy tune to the next snappy hookline.
Similar to our colleagues Foxygen The focus seems to be less on the desire for emotional depth, but rather on the playful instinct to approach past eras in an almost collage-like, colorful way – but in direct comparison, it’s the songwriting that is suitable for hits Lemon Twigs more consistent and qualitatively more impressive than most colleagues.

Wo When Winter Comes Around as peacefully plucked acoustic longing in nostalgia WhitneySimon & Garfunkel thinking as a polyphonic harmony that keeps rising and sounds like a positive ending to wistful things, the number allows itself a short one Beach Boys-Appendix, who plays in the fast, shimmering soft rock of In My Head becomes even more concrete and brings the album title to a blissful extreme early on – as later in the lively one There She Goes-Jangle Pop by Ghost Run Free underlined are the comparatively groovy moments of Everything Harmony but less strong than the somewhat cheesy balance.
If Corner of My Eye floats through the lounge in dreamy romance or Any Time of Day the Bee Gees away from the disco, Jackson 5– and Chipmunk-Elements included. If What You Were Doing including its smooth solo produced by Ty Segall Beatles tends or the soulful piano ballad I Don’t Belong to Me is laid out in exemplary, thoughtfully accented brass arrangements. If What Happens to a Heart baroque pomp-pathos, the cute Still It’s Not Enough nice and quiet or luxuriates Born to Be Lonely swaying through the ballroom. And when the title song rumbles to orchestral grandeur, before the gem New to Me closes the circle in a reduced way – yes, then you hardly get killed Everything Harmony as a veritable, authentic time travel portal.

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Everything Harmony by The Lemon Twigs

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