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The letters of the poet Paul Valery found a hundred years later, the online meeting that unites France and Italy

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A rediscovered paper treasure meets online audiences for the first time. France and Italy tied hand in glove by the words of two great poets, Paul Valéry and Giuseppe Ungaretti. On Tuesday, April 13 at the French Embassy in Italy, the meeting will be broadcast, in live streaming from 6 pm, “Rediscovered friendships: Paul Valéry and Italy 150 years after birth, the rediscovery of Italian friendships with Giuseppe Ungaretti and Rafaele Contu ». A unique opportunity to discover the unpublished letters of the French poet found last July in the library of Luigi Contu, director of Ansa since 2009 and nephew of the translator and friend of Valéry Rafaele Contu.

Last July, the French ambassador to Italy Christian Masset, also like Valéry originally from Sète, meets Luigi Contu who tells him about the library inherited from his father Ignazio: there, dusting and cataloging the many volumes, he discovered real treasures literary. They tell, among many other discoveries, the story of a deep bond between Paul Valéry, Giuseppe Ungaretti and Rafaele Contu. The latter, an Italian intellectual also passionate about French literature, who collaborated among other things with La Nouvelle Revue Française – the famous NRF, made in the twenties and thirties a job not only of fruitful contacts between France and Italy in the field philosophical, poetic and literary, but also of translation and dissemination of French works in Italy. Luigi Contu in the difficult work of putting this gigantic library in order will find letters between Paul Valéry, Giuseppe Ungaretti, who also lived in Paris, and Rafaele Contu.

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The meeting will offer the opportunity to discover a new Valéry, linked to Italy and to the Italians to whom he dedicated many writings such as the one on Leonardo and the philosophers, exalting da Vinci’s genius as a European man, but also to explore the link between France and Italy always very close in the cultural field. From the story of the French poet and philosopher who was born on October 30, 1871 in Sète, of a Corsican father and an Italian mother, to his most famous verses such as “Quel roof quiet, dove run …”: in the online journey we will explore in depth the Valery’s literary universe. Accompanied by the voice of the readings by the actress Gaia Petroni, the teacher Patrizia Epistolari will speak, who will evoke the friendship that bound Valéry and Ungaretti to Contu about which she wrote, and Benedetta Zaccarello, who directs the “Equipe Valéry” of the Institut des Textes et Manuscrits Modernes and will reveal new facets of Paul Valéry, digging his deep correspondences with Italy between poetic and philosophical thoughts. Jérôme Gautheret, from Le Monde, will be the conductor of the meeting at Palazzo Farnese that will reconstruct the Italian history of Paul Valéry 150 years after his birth.

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