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The life of Doctor Barioglio at the service of the weakest and of public health

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A show to remember the people’s doctor and the world that revolved around the former hospital in Trivero. On Saturday evening, starting at 9 pm, a theatrical, musical and multimedia event dedicated to the memory of Dr. Antonio Barioglio, who has served in Trivero in the health facility for more than 30 years will be offered at the Giletti theater in Ponzone. The association “Atelier laboratory of good ideas” is organizing the appointment.

The creator Flavia Grosso returns with the same theater company that in 2018 staged “Am remember” for the anniversary of the flood in Vallestrona, and in 2020 “Beyond the Alps” interrupted after four performances by the Covid emergency .

With “The doctor of the people” we will continue to tell about events and people who have left an important mark in the territory of the valley and to ensure that this memory builds a bridge between past and present to be shared with the new generations. On stage will be Franco Albanese, Rosalba Coppo, Mary Foglia, Orazio Garbella, Maria Grazia Platini, Simona Poletti, Sandra Serpi, Erika Verzoletto, Giuliana Verzoletto with the participation of Giuliano Grappeggia. Solo voice will be Enrico Maron Pot. Audiovisuals were instead provided by the Barioglio family, Max Bove, Ruggero Coltro, Maurizio Grosso and Riccardo Grosso.

Doctor Barioglio, a geriatrician by vocation, has always focused his attention mainly on weak and lonely people. Rich in ideas, a convinced advocate of quality public health as an inalienable right of every citizen, he managed to convince the administrators of the time that the problems related to the elderly were not solved only with retirement homes. Thanks to him, the culture of “home care” has grown and over the years a network has been created in the Triverese area in support and in favor of the elderly and their families made up of operators and volunteers. With his work he not only guaranteed wellbeing, but also transmitted dignity to non self-sufficient people, revolutionizing the relationship between operator and assisted. And his mission continues. After the death of Antonio Barioglio, which took place in 2007, the family wanted to continue on his path by immediately creating an association and implementing, in February 2009 in Trivero, a free home service, first dedicated to the elderly and then also to the families of affected children. from serious pathologies. The event is inspired by a book written by Emanuela Zanotti, wife of Antonio Barioglio, which collects a series of testimonies from people who knew him. The show alternates theatrical scenes, songs, videos with short readings and all the people who agreed to be part of it have had a strong bond with Dr. Barioglio or support the association’s activity. It makes use of the presence of Beppe Pellitteri, a family friend, author and actor of a monologue taken from the same book. Reservations recommended at 3703793179 or by email at [email protected]

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