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The “live action” of Avatar, the Last Airbender, the Netflix adaptation of the animated series, arrives

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The “live action” of Avatar, the Last Airbender, the Netflix adaptation of the animated series, arrives

Avatar: The Last Airbender, the series that adapts in live action the mega-successful Nickelodeon animated strip of the same name, which follows the adventures of a boy who must learn to master the four elements of nature to restore harmony in a world. at war, can be seen starting this Thursday on the Netflix streaming platform.

Developed by American screenwriter Albert Kim, the production arrives this Thursday the 22nd to add one more title to the franchise that was detached from the original, and which throughout its broadcast between 2005 and 2008 became one of the favorites for both youth audiences as well as critics and the industry, to the point of being considered one of the best in its genre.

Avatar conquered not only for its creative design work, its humor and its script, but also for having included themes that until now had not been seen with such explicitness in the field of entertainment for teenagers, such as the violence of armed conflicts. , genocide, totalitarianism, imperialism and freedom of choice; a whole combo that led her to win at the Annie Awards, the Emmys, the Peabody Awards and the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Thus, after giving rise to a saga of comics – which are still being published – and another of novels, along with the animated series The Legend of Korra and M. Night Shyamalan’s film The Last Airbender (2010), it disembarks This new installment set in a territory of Asian and Arctic inspiration that is divided into four civilizations, each of them connected with water, earth, fire and air.

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There, the people lived in harmony thanks to the presence of the Avatar, the master capable of telekinetically controlling the four elements through martial arts movements, but that plenitude enters into crisis after the death of that figure in charge of uniting the material and spiritual planes. , allowing the Fire Nation to advance their desire to conquer the world.

Over eight episodes, the series tells the journey of Aang, the last member of the Air Nomads, who awakens to claim his destiny: to become the new incarnation of the Avatar, for which he will have to learn to manipulate the other elements. .

To do this, the boy will join forces with Sokka (Ian Ousley) and Katara (Kiawentiio), two siblings from the Southern Water Tribe, and will embark on a fantastic, action-packed adventure to fight against the fearsome Fire Lord Ozai ( Daniel Dae Kim) and manage to restore harmony between nations, even when along the way he needs more allies to protect him from the stalking of Ozai’s crown prince, Zuko (Dallas Liu).

The “live action” cast of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”

In a conference for the international press that Télam attended, Canadian actor Gordon Cormier, who will play Aang, commented that both he and his cast mates put “a lot of pressure” on themselves when it came to tackling the project. for his own love of the original series: “We feel the same as the fans of the animated series, but it is very great to have had this opportunity,” he said.

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“It seems to me that it is an excellent time for this premiere, because the fans were waiting for something new for a long time, we had not seen anything in many years. In any case, I think it should have happened a long time ago, but now that it’s finally happening, it’s pretty incredible,” added the young performer about the launch.

For his part, Daniel Dae Kim – known mainly for his role as Jin-Soo Kwon in the series Lost – stated that “the fact of being able to film it in 2022, with more modern technology, an authentic cast and faithful to the spirit of the original” It was a success and a chance to “do something different.”

“The themes of the series have to do with fatherhood, with children, with role models or the lack thereof, and about the younger generations and the possibility of them empowering themselves to be who they believe they have. what to be,” Kim concluded.

Ken Leung, Maria Zhang, Lim Kay Siu, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Elizabeth Yu and Amber Midthunder complete the cast of this adaptation directed by Michael Goi, Jabbar Raisani, Roseanne Liang and Jet Wilkinson.

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