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The Lost Futures of Mark Fisher

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The Lost Futures of Mark Fisher

The volume is out for Minimum Fax Choose your weapons, a collection of writings by the British cultural critic on music. A lucid and participatory analysis of the artistic phenomena of the last forty years in the light of the socio-economic crisis that is raging in our present.

Mark Fisher took his own life in January 2017 but since then his academic, editorial and digital output continues to reverberate continuously through various initiatives. In Italy, the Roman publishing house Minimum Fax has collected his analytical corpus in various volumes and in recent years through the K punk series, Fisher’s cybernetic pseudonym, is also making known the vast mass of posts published on the writer’s blog.

Cybernetic Culture Research Unit

Fisher was the founder of the interdisciplinary collective Cybernetic Culture Research Unit at the University of Warwick, in 2003 he began to pour his interest in cultural studies on his blog, intersecting politics, sociology, philosophy and pop culture. Remaining in the academic orbit, Fisher was also deputy editor of “The Wire” magazine and in 2009 he published the essay Capitalist Realism, a veritable political and aesthetic manifesto, which was followed by other writings.

The Depression

The critic also emphasized the theme of depression, the demon he stopped fighting five years ago. Choose your weapons he gives us a precise analysis rich in philosophical references on our society, the great gap of which is, according to Fisher, the inability to imagine the future. Even when he talks to us about music, reviews Joy Division or David Bowie, Mark Fisher never misses an opportunity to tell us about the present, a temporal dimension in which lost futures are piled up, and to reveal to us with total frankness that “behind the forced smile of the twenty-first century it harbors a secret sadness ».

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To determine this feeling are the precariousness of work, the hyper-digitization of our daily life, globalization and then anxiety as a generalized state of consciousness and the dissolution of the certainties of the twentieth century. Faced with these phenomena, culture, and therefore music, are not spared and here is the sexual tension transmitted by the rock tradition that is suffocated in an automated bodily oblivion, the inability of art to move the catatonic state in which we live, by entrenching oneself in a comfort zone that cannot and must not provoke Choose your weapons is like attending a university lecture which, despite being full of references, sounds terribly direct and brazen, at times almost disturbing. But, for this very reason, it is necessary to run into Mark Fisher as soon as he gets the chance; whether he writes about music, cinema, the British socio-political situation, global movements or the crisis of the left, we always feel part of his profound and icastic analytical capacity. In the historical period we are experiencing, with a pandemic that has further undermined our certainties, we can only rely on his criticism, choosing our weapons to face the present and, consequently, our own demons.

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