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The Love Life of Wu Xin: From Career Success to Relationship News

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The Love Life of Wu Xin: From Career Success to Relationship News

Article supply: on 2024-06-04 19:01:03
– News taken from main media The content material of the information doesn’t signify the place of this web site!

As “Happy Camp” was placed on maintain for good, the 5 members of the “Happy Family” cut up up and their careers reached a state of flux. Now virtually two years have handed, and He Jiong has taken the lead solo and carried out “Good Morning Saturday”. one other “Quick Book” “, their actions are busier than earlier than. On the opposite hand, though Xie Na, Wu Xin, Li Weijia and Du Haitao are nonetheless within the leisure trade, their publicity has clearly decreased considerably.

I assumed “a camel is larger than a horse”. As the second particular person answerable for the “Happy Family” moreover He Jiong, Xie Na and Li Weijia ought to be capable to climate the storm. However, surprisingly, Wu Xin was the least affected. After “Kuaiben” stopped taking part in, Wu Xin successively participated within the recording of varied applications similar to “The Great Detective”, “Taste of China” and “Heartbeat Signal”, and his profession continues to be flourishing.

As everyone knows, Wu Xin was chosen by Mango Channel earlier than he graduated from college. Her first job was “Quick Letter” In comparability, her relationship was very tough and he or she revealed in “My Girl” that her ex-boyfriend would restrict her work, inflicting her to lose many alternatives.

Wu Xin is now 41 years previous and has reached marriageable age, however there are few scandals. On June 4, Wu Xin was all of a sudden revealed to be in a relationship. The paparazzi revealed that Wu Xin was at the moment residing with actor Zheng Kai. Their relationship is secure, and it’s suspected that good issues are about to occur. When this information got here out, it attracted quite a lot of netizens to look at, some despatched blessings, others expressed shock, and the remark part was very attention-grabbing.

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According to the paparazzi, Wu Xin’s reputation in the mean time is clearly not as excessive as earlier than, however he has already had hints of courting. A very long time in the past, I heard that Wu Xin was courting a male star and was photographed. Wu Xin and the actor are at the moment in a secure relationship, Wu Xin was filming a spread present in Changsha The actor went to go to the category.

It is price noting that the paparazzi additionally made it clear that Wu Xin and her boyfriend stay collectively, whether or not in Changsha or Beijing, and their relationship is secure and low-key. Compared to the connection between the 41-year-old Wu Xin, it’s clear that the general public desires to know who this man is. Based on previous information and paparazzi revelations, Wu Xin’s live-in boyfriend is an insider and an actor named Zheng Kai. .

If you do not look intently, it’s straightforward to attach this Zheng Kai with the veteran Zheng Kai of “Run”, however these two folks have the identical pronunciation of their names and usually are not the identical particular person. It is reported that Zheng Kai is 38 years previous this yr, solely 3 years youthful than Wu Xin, and he’s good-looking not solely graduated from appearing faculty, but in addition participated in “Struggle”, “Step by Step” as effectively. “Princess of the World” She is ready for a preferred TV collection, though she shouldn’t be well-known, her appearing expertise are good.

In phrases of look and age, Wu Xin and Zheng Kai match effectively, however Wu Xin is best at work. But that is additionally an important level, if in keeping with the paparazzi, Wu Xin and Zheng Kai have already spent the New Year and lived collectively till years of speaking about marriage. in a low integrity means.

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Finally, celebrities are additionally folks, lots of them need to get married and have youngsters, and their relationships and marriages are their personal issues. Since they’ve at all times been low-key folks, they need to additionally need to stay their lives in a low-key means, so I hope everybody may give them more room! I want Wu Xin may discover Mr. Right as quickly as attainable!

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