Home Entertainment The magnificent picture scroll film “Half Moon Climbs Up”, which unfolds western folk songs in the music life, will be on the big screen

The magnificent picture scroll film “Half Moon Climbs Up”, which unfolds western folk songs in the music life, will be on the big screen

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The magnificent picture scroll film “Half Moon Climbs Up”, which unfolds western folk songs in the music life, will be on the big screen

2021-11-18 17:06:40Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News After winning many domestic and international awards, the movie “Half Moon Climbing Up” will be officially released on the big screen in the country in the near future. “Half Moon Climbs” was jointly produced by Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Xi’an Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Yulin Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and other units, produced by Shaanxi Huading Guyue Film and Television Culture Communication Company, etc. The film is based on the indissoluble bond between Wang Luobin and music The main line is to take the audience to experience the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation in the splendid and broad national music.

The famous Chinese national musician Wang Luobin is known as the “Father of Northwest Folk Songs” and “The King of Western Songs”. He lived in Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang and other places in western China for a long time before his death. The communication business has enriched and developed the treasure house of Chinese nation and world music culture. As a major cultural boutique project in Shaanxi Province and a special fund project for the development of Xi’an City Propaganda and Culture, “Half Moon Climbing Up” is based on the tortuous process of Wang Luobin’s creation, collection, and collection of national songs with the background of Western China in the 1930s. The main line tells the musician’s musical life and presents the magnificent Chinese folk music to the world.

“”Half Moon Climbing Up” lasted 9 years from preparation, creation to distribution, and a creative team of more than 500 people. As my country’s first national music film after the reform and opening up, this film outlines the Chinese-style western film with freehand Chinese painting. “Lines.” The director of the film, Shi Wen, told reporters that the film almost covers the musical modes and singing genres of all ethnic groups in western and northern my country. “Sing” to everyone’s outstanding contributions vividly.”

Before the official release, “Half Moon Climbing Up” has won the best feature film award at the World National Film Festival, the best musical feature film award and the best director award at the Canadian Golden Maple Leaf International Film Festival, and the 16th China-US Film Festival Many awards including the Golden Angel Award. The film was also held at the Silk Road International Film Festival in Xi’an last year. Scholars and fans in the industry who had watched the screenings cheered for the film.

The film can be recognized, Shi Wen attributed the credit to the charm of Wang Luobin and western folk songs, as well as the dedication of the powerful team behind the film. It is reported that the film “Half Moon Climbing Up” is the art director of the famous soprano singer Yan Enfeng, and the screenwriter is Bamboo, the screenwriter of the film “Wild Mountain”. The overall music of the film is performed by the national first-class composer and performer Bian Jiu Nian. , The art, photography, service, lighting, and scenery of the film are all from the first-class creative team in Beijing and Xi’an. In the creative team, there are also famous musician Yan Weiwen, the actor Ouyang Fenqiang of Jia Baoyu in the 87 version of the TV series “A Dream of Red Mansions”, Mongolian singer Qi Feng, Tibetan singer Yang Qing Zhuoma, Shaanxi old generation artist Wang Xiangrong, young singer Du Pengpeng and others Silhouette. “Some of these main creators have been deeply involved in the fields of music and culture for many years, some are friends of Wang Luobin’s life, and some are researchers of western music and western literature. Their combination makes this movie full of highlights.” Shi Wen said.

The magnificent and expansive western style, the remote and simple western folk songs, the touching and twisting music story-when all of this is perfectly integrated in the movie, Shi Wen said: “I hope this movie will be accompanied by a well-known classic song. The excellent Chinese culture goes to the world.”

Picture courtesy of Sun Huan, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press


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