Home Entertainment The main promotional film of the 12th Beijing Film Festival was officially released. Many landmarks in Beijing appeared in the film, which was full of the smell of fireworks-Qianlong.com.cn

The main promotional film of the 12th Beijing Film Festival was officially released. Many landmarks in Beijing appeared in the film, which was full of the smell of fireworks-Qianlong.com.cn

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Source title: The main promotional film of the 12th Beijing Film Festival was officially released, and many landmarks in Beijing appeared in the film, full of fireworks

On the 7th, the main promotional film of the 12th Beijing International Film Festival was officially released. This film-level promotional short film was directed by the famous director Lu Chuan, and four outstanding actors, Li Xuejian, Song Jia, Qi Xi and Huang Xuan, joined and created together.

The entire short film is 1 minute and 39 seconds long. Director Lu Chuan took 10 days to prepare and 2 days to shoot. Movies are the interweaving of light and dark, and the echoes of inside and outside the theater. The main promotional film of this year’s Beijing Film Festival is also laid out according to this logic. The short film opens with a screening room. As the lights illuminate the work in the hands of Teacher Li Xuejian, the story of Chinese films, Chinese filmmakers and fans begins. This old man who has witnessed the vicissitudes of Chinese films, when staring at the rust spots on the film reel, may also think that film, as the original carrier of film, has accompanied a generation of filmmakers and fans on their journey of a hundred years of film. He carefully touched the rock-solid film reel, as if stroking the annual rings of a tree stump that had been breathing for a hundred years.

As soon as the camera turned, Director Lu Chuan led the audience to a completely different time and space, which was bright, noisy, bustling, and filled with lively fireworks. At this moment, a voice like this suddenly sounded in the crowd of people – “Do you want to watch a movie?” At the moment when the three young actors sincerely invited the crowd, the short film presented a wonderful way to the audience. Juxtaposition of: Crowds and Cinemas, What’s the Connection? Obviously they are so different, one noisy, one quiet, one bright and one dark. But if you connect the two horizontally, you will find that they are actually in the same vein. Movies need the attention of the crowd. Movies are a long journey. The filmmaker picks up the first baton and runs until the last leg, but it can only truly complete its birth at the moment when the filmmaker hands the baton to the audience.

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The short film brings together all those who have a passion for cinema. No matter where it has been scattered before, as long as the movie theater is still there, it can be brought together with a single call of “Who wants to see a movie?” The 12th Beijing International Film Festival also takes this opportunity to express a sincere voice to all filmmakers and fans: those who love movies will never get lost.

Lu Chuan revealed that he and Mr. Li Xuejian were friends for a long time. This time he played an old projectionist in the film. “His performance in the film is passionate and reserved, full of a filmmaker’s love and expectation for the industry. It is particularly outstanding. The thing is, some of his close-ups are very expressive and he really knows how to perform. I admire his dedication and professionalism.”

Why did he choose the 4 actors who appeared in the film, Lu Chuan said, “They all love movies, they have pursuits, dreams and beliefs in this industry. In them, they reflect the industry’s most positive, innocent and full of warmth. side.” The theme of the main promo is: Who wants to see a movie. “I hope to pass the filmmakers’ love for movies to the audience and resonate in the hearts of the audience.”

Beijing landmarks, including Taikoo Li Sanlitun, Nanluoguxiang, and the China Film Museum, also appeared in the main promotional film. In addition, Lu Chuan also deliberately interviewed and filmed in vegetable markets, basketball courts and other places, making the film full of fireworks. “We hope to record the most real feelings.” It is reported that from August 13th to August 20th, This year’s Beijing International Film Festival will be held in Beijing.

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