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The mayor: “In the former villa of the boss we put the command of the brigade and a library”

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SAN FRANCESCO AL CAMPO. The municipal administration of San Francesco al Campo will acquire the villa of the boss Bruno Raschillà considered by the DDA to belong to the major company of the ‘Ndrangheta at least with the high dowry of “santista”, one of the 33 who, until some time ago , there were in the various “clubs” scattered throughout Italy. Although he, who passed away last spring at the age of 74, has always strongly rejected his affiliation with the Calabrian clans despite the sentence he suffered at the Minotauro trial.

“In the structure, which is quite large, we intend to move the headquarters of the municipal police and civil protection command – anticipates the mayor of San Francesco, Diego Coriasco – but also to obtain space for a new library which, however, can be used as a meeting point for young people “.

The villa – which is located in the center of the village, right next to the playground – had ended up on the list of assets confiscated from organized crime. Now, after a complex bureaucratic process, it will end up in the patrimony of the Municipality.

“Just Wednesday we met the new prefect of Turin Raffaele Ruberto who complimented our proposal, also because we are one of the few administrations that has presented a well-defined path on the future destination of assets seized from crime – continues Coriasco -. In any case, we had the approval of our project for the building that will become a center of culture and legality, thanks to the presence of the municipal police ».

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The villa had been seized even though it was registered in the name of Raschillà’s ex-wife. Even if, according to the magistrates, that was only a fictitious separation “staged precisely to avoid kidnapping”.

The man was also in trouble because, for years, he had taken advantage of a social allowance reserved for citizens in poor economic conditions. From the end of 2010 until the second half of 2013, despite being in prison, he received 550 euros a month. Then he was discovered by the prosecutor’s anti-money laundering pool and INPS blocked the check. Raschillà appealed to the Labor Court which confirmed the revocation of the check: he had no right to receive that money. –


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