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The movie “Changjin Lake” tops the box office list of Chinese movies

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The movie “Changjin Lake” tops the box office list of Chinese movies

2021-11-25 16:30:24Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network reported that the movie “Changjin Lake” was released for 57 days, breaking the record with a box office of 5.695 billion yuan (as of 8:16 on November 25), and became the champion of the Chinese movie box office. The film also ranked first in the 2021 global box office list, breaking more than 30 records in Chinese film history, continuously breaking the National Day box office record, and becoming the film with the most annual box office of 100 million days in a single day.

As the largest film in the history of Chinese film, “Changjin Lake” has lived up to expectations and has become a phenomenon-level theme explosion in the film market in 2021. From the “Mountains, Rivers and Seas Trilogy” series to the “China Pride Trilogy” and then to the “China Victory Trilogy” today, Bona Pictures has created a new theme film based on real events, showing the spirit of the times, and being close to the audience’s needs. Chapter. The film “Changjin Lake” has also formed a system with Huang Jianxin as the director. Three heavyweight directors Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark and Lin Chaoxian joined forces, as well as Wu Jing, Yi Yang Qianxi, Zhu Yawen, Li Chen, Hu Jun, Duan Yihong, Han Dongjun, and Zhang Hanyu A luxurious main creative lineup jointly participated by other powerful actors. With the battle of Changjin Lake in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea as the background, the hero team “interspersed company” combat operations as the main line, select major events, typical scenes, main actions and representative figures in the war , Presenting the spirit of resistance to US aggression and aid Korea vividly and vividly in front of the audience, profoundly interpreting the spirit of patriotism, revolutionary heroism, revolutionary optimism, revolutionary loyalty and internationalism, and once again raised the quality of the main theme movie to a new height and field. “The core significance of “Changjin Lake” to the Chinese film industry lies in setting a new benchmark for film industrialization.” said Yu Dong, chairman of Bona Pictures Group, producer and chief producer of the film “Changjin Lake”, Bona With a strong sense of responsibility and mission, Bona has been deeply responsible for such a key project as “Changjin Lake” from the very beginning.

Since the movie “Changjin Lake” was released, more than 122 million viewers have entered the cinema to learn about the history of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. Audiences of all ages were moved by this epic war production, from the veterans who had personally experienced the War to Resist U.S. Aid and Aid Korea to the vigorous teenagers: “After watching the movie, I understood why we fought that battle and can have a hard-won happy life today. , I also want to thank every heroic son and daughter who came forward.”

The film is still in theaters, and has broken many box office records in Hong Kong, Macau and other places in China. The movie “Changjin Lake” will also land in theaters in many countries around the world, telling the world the Chinese story and conveying the Chinese spirit.

Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter of Xi’an Press


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